Samoan Etiquette: Mind your body parts!

Samoans seem to be very body-part-conscious. You might call it modest or reserved maybe, but all my training in ‘behaving so my mom, aunts and older cousins don’t give me the evils’ seemed to have a lot to do with how I positioned my body in specific situations. Now that I’m grown, I see the … Continue reading Samoan Etiquette: Mind your body parts!

Samoan Etiquette: Meal Time

When I was in high school my family moved to New Zealand so we could live close to my ageing grandmother. An added bonus was that just about all my mother’s 8 siblings (and their children, and their children’s children) lived in the same neighbourhood, and for as long as my grandmother was still with … Continue reading Samoan Etiquette: Meal Time

First Tauvae

Growing up learning about the Samoan Culture and its values, samoan tattoo’s plays an important role in the Samoan Culture! Now, I didn’t know how the tattoo or tatau came to samoa. But luckily, a story for that is here hehe.How Tatau Came To Samoa Taema and Tilafaiga were female simese twins who were joined … Continue reading First Tauvae

“E le So’oga Ka Oe!” E iai Tulafono o le Pe’a… (pt 1)

Maliu mai, Tatala mai a’ao, le mamalu o le Tatou aiga fa’aleTasiSamoana… Aemaise paia o taitai au ma le taitai komiti O le mataupu lava lea, e le o se mataupu faigofie… a’o e fai mo se fesoasoani i tagata olo’o fia laei i le tatau… poo latou foi oloo fia pa’u ia te latou … Continue reading “E le So’oga Ka Oe!” E iai Tulafono o le Pe’a… (pt 1)

Recipe: REAL Samoan Panipopo!

I heard something disturbing this morning. One of my girls told me that she was Googling recipes for Panipopo and came across some that called for store-bought, ready-made dough.. which you would then proceed to roll into dough balls…


NO NO NO!!!!

Oh, and NOOOOO!!!

It’s not THAT difficult to make real Panipopo dough from scratch – the store-bought stuff is too generic and… just not right!

So don’t be lazy. I’ll walk you through it…