Samoan Etiquette: Mind your body parts!

Samoans seem to be very body-part-conscious. You might call it modest or reserved maybe, but all my training in ‘behaving so my mom, aunts and older cousins don’t give me the evils’ seemed to have a lot to do with how I positioned my body in specific situations. Now that I’m grown, I see the … Continue reading Samoan Etiquette: Mind your body parts!

How much did your matai title cost?

Samoans can be precious about our Fa’asamoa, and at the core of the Samoan way of life is our Fa’amatai, or our system of chiefs (matai). Ideally and traditionally, new chiefs are chosen by the consensus of their extended family, an honour bestowed on them after years of cultural tutelage and service. As Samoans tend … Continue reading How much did your matai title cost?

Jah Kristafahrai

Kristafahrai: One Samoana

So one day I went roaming around the ville (as I do) and came across a profile pic of a pretty serious looking dude with an even MORE serious (vicious!) looking dog. First impression? Maybe I shouldn’t mess with this guy too much in case I get on his bad side…

So much for first impressions – and lucky I hang out in chat so much – cause it only took a few comments from Kristafahrai for me to realize aawwwwwwww. Whatta big teddy bear! This guy is on his own mellow, happy buzz most of the time… he’s only sometimes random (but not as random as Bazza)… and he’s hella funny. Especially when he’s tryna talk smooth with the ladies… mhmm…

Turns out, Mr. Kristafahrai’s got quite the interesting back story too…

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oh myspace the humor

Anyways. I get this message in my myspace in box claiming that I’ve lost my position in the ex’s life and that I need not worry because he’s well taken care of. Mind you as I’m reading this email, I’ve fallen off of my chair going thru hysterics, laughing my ass off. For the first in awhile, the simple knowledge of this man in some other females life didn’t hurt me a bit, it use to.. well yea, because of the whole “we’re married” part, but now? It even surprised me. I was on the verge of taking my bra off and running around screaming freedom, might be TMI and I’m straying off the subject.

In response to this broads letter, I emailed back asking how she knew I had been the ex, trust being on myspace I was actually trying to be incognito and I received this response:

…from Ninja Say What

Recipe: REAL Samoan Panipopo!

I heard something disturbing this morning. One of my girls told me that she was Googling recipes for Panipopo and came across some that called for store-bought, ready-made dough.. which you would then proceed to roll into dough balls…


NO NO NO!!!!

Oh, and NOOOOO!!!

It’s not THAT difficult to make real Panipopo dough from scratch – the store-bought stuff is too generic and… just not right!

So don’t be lazy. I’ll walk you through it…