We remember… 29.09.09

I remember that morning like it was yesterday. I was woken in the early hours and told to hop online – something big was happening in the Samoan world. I didn’t realize until I saw the quick and frantic messages in the One Samoana forums that the news wasn’t good. A powerful earthquake. A tsunami. … Continue reading We remember… 29.09.09

Love Samoan Music: Tiama’a

Do a little research and you’ll find that just about every great Samoan pop song today was either originally written by Tiama’a or heavily influenced by this legendary band. Not only is their musicianship – especially that lead guitar igi – flawless, their lyrics are some of the most profound and moving poetry you’ll find … Continue reading Love Samoan Music: Tiama’a

Original Fiction: Familiar Stranger

After 8 years of an arranged marriage, Leah and Iosua barely speak to each other any more, but still live under the same roof for the sake of their son Amalika. One day Iosefa, Iosua’s identical twin, shows up at their door. He’s needing a place to stay for a while after a four-year stint … Continue reading Original Fiction: Familiar Stranger

Original Fiction: Forbidden Fruit

Esera was a promising graduate who abandoned his career as an architect and followed his heart – embodied in the wild and beautiful Mercy – to small town Texas. Love was worth the sacrifice, he reasoned. Six years later, this same love just about destroys him when he walks in on a ‘party’ Mercy is … Continue reading Original Fiction: Forbidden Fruit

Greg Louganis’ 5-steps for bouncing back FAST from failure

Part Samoan by birth, Greg Louganis is an Olympics legend, who suffered one of the most famous – and most public – failures in sports history. At the Seoul Olympics in 1988, he was knocked unconscious when he hit his head on the diving board while performing a 33-foot dive. Far from allowing the accident … Continue reading Greg Louganis’ 5-steps for bouncing back FAST from failure

That New Car Smell…

Everybody loves that new car smell… just like everybody loves the googly-eyed, love’y dove buzz of a new relationship. What happens when the fragrance begins to fade, though, and reality – the monthly payments, the WOF & registration, parking and petrols costs, etc. – sets in? Do we throw away the car? Lots of us … Continue reading That New Car Smell…

Old photos from the Samoana Newspaper

Some of you might remember the Samoana Newspaper which ran in New Zealand from 1979 to 2006. One Samoana inherited a bunch of old photos from the paper – 4 boxes full even – that we’re only now beginning to sort through. As many of those who operated the newspaper (and took these photos) have … Continue reading Old photos from the Samoana Newspaper