To all Samoan Professional Wrestlers Out there and Their Families…

There are three Sports that Samoans are notorious for… Rugby, Football and Professional Wrestling… it isnt a well known fact however that the first Samoan in the NFL was before that half of the tag team of the first two Samoan Wrestler’s on the planet… ( Al Lolotai with tag partner Vilai Sua )

Professional Wrestling has a long history with our People… are you aware that over 100 of our people have been professional Wrestlers since Al Lolotai… and the likes of these include… Returned Mormon Missionary and Bishopric Member Joe Afamasaga aka Samoan Joe, His Highness Afioga Lu Leota member of Samoan Parliment… of course the Movie Star Duwayne the Rock Johnson and his Legendary grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia Fanene…

but the affects of wrestling on samoans may pale to the effect Samoans have had on Wrestling… the first non white*1 WWF heavyweight Champion was Yokozuna Rodney Anoa’i, his Uncle’s the Wild Samoans Afa and Sika Anoa’i held the WWE tag team titles on 3 seperate occasions as well as countless other titles

The Rock has held all Tag Team, Intercontinental and World Championship Belts and feuded with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mick Foley and thats just to name a few…

and countless other Samoans unsung heroes of the ring have been inspirations to some of the biggest non Samoan Stars of the ring… Maivia was credited for having inspired the great Superstar Billy Graham a former WWF Champion likened to that of Ric Flair…

Siva Afi faced off with Flair for his NWA World Title in Hawaii in front of thousands of Fans…

My very own family Farmer Boy Ipo Sa’ole Igafo & Leroy Brown Tuifao held the NWA Hawaii tag team titles on countless occasions…

there is so much history in this and i absolutely love meeting these people in person…. so far I have been honored to meet the likes of Neff Maiava, Siva Afi, Ikaika the Smashing Machine and among others Fatu and Samu of the Samoan Swat Team but i always look forward to meeting anyone who’s been in the wrestling business so i urge my fellow samoans if you know of anyone who was once a Samoan in professional wrestling please i would love to get in contact with them…

Fa’afetai tele lava, Maosi

you can contact me @ anytime please with information

Umaga in the WWE

current WWE star Umaga (Eki Fatu)

High Chief Peter Maivia & Prince Neff Maiava

The Samoan Connection – Farmer Boy Ipo & Leroy Brown

Yokozuna (Rodney Anoai) Mr. Fuji, Afa Anoai, Fatu & Samu

Lu Leota & Samoan Joe Afamasaga

Al Lolotai

Siva Afi & Maosi Tuitele

The Wild Samoans Afa, Samula & Sika

Joey Tui Fau

Reno Tuufuli

The Samoans Tio Taylor & Reno Tuufuli

Tag Team of Neff “Auleaga” Maiava & Maosi Tuitele


Samoa Joe of TNA

Rikishi “Solofa” Fatu Jr.

Tilo Vasaga Utaifeau

Toa Samoa – The New Generation (Superfly Ete, Sulu Afi, TLA (Tasi le Alofa), Tui (Maosi Tuitele) & Ativalu)

Our Tag Team Champions – Toa Samoa – Ativalu & Superfly Ete

Tui – Maosi Tuitele choking out some poor masked wrestler…

Siva Afi

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