Savalivali means Go for a Walk

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  1. sina says:

    i needed this for my teacher lol i only know the first verse and chorus.

  2. miranda says:

    awesome! i sang this song with my yr 6 class all the time in samoa, though that was a few years ago and i couldn’t remember the lyrics. now i have them, yay! ^_^

  3. Robert says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a digital recording of this song?

  4. Avea says:

    I really wanted it to sing to my newborn and my brothers and sisters could only remember the first verse also when I rung and asked them it was my baby sister that recommended I search it on the net, so thanks!

  5. Liz says:

    Shouldn’t “Teine manaia means pretty girl” be “Teine ‘aulelei….”?
    Manaia means nice, ‘Aulelei means pretty. Teine manaia really means Nice girl, not Pretty girl.

  6. M. Black says:

    This song was written in the days when there was a naval station in American Samoa by girls who at the time dating the shipmen of the Manuao. their way of communicating to the english speaking men.

  7. MARY-lil-lamb says:

    dat song is rong in a way.
    line 2 is supposed to say tautala soo, not tautalala
    coz da meaning ov tautala soo is too much talk and derez no suj word in da samoan vocabulary that says tautalatala


  8. Daniel S, Pago Pago says:

    Manaia can be pretty, handsome, of course. It can mean ‘nice’, too, but nice in the sense of appearence. =p

    And Tautala is like, to talk. Tautalatala means someone who talks too much. My Samoan language teacher explained this one to us.

    So says the palagi.


  9. carol says:

    Help, please! I need a mp3 or any other audio version of this song! Does anyone know where I can get it? Or if you know the tune, please be so kind to sing it for me and send me a copy of your voice recording at, please, please, please!

  10. hamogeekgirl says:

    Hi Carol

    Check it out on youtube here ==>

    Some of the words will be a little different, but that’s how it’s sung.


  11. MzPacifika ('78,'79...) says:

    LMAO! This song! Didn’t help me understand Samoan at all, I still don’t know what my grandpa’s saying 😀 Thank you for putting this up!

  12. Stacey, Fale, Jesse and Trinity says:

    on the line Leai o se tupu it should be Leai o se tupe…

  13. hamogeekgirl says:

    Oops. All fixed now. Thanks Stacey, Fale, Jesse & Trinity 😀

  14. Lu says:

    Hi I would Love to Play it on my Ukulele, does anybody have some chords?

  15. Ian Watts says:

    Our child sang the first verse at her child care centre fete (in Brisbane). very nice …

  16. I’d really like to know what the meaning of the chorus is! -- iapiinapia

  17. Elle Whyte says:

    Does anyone know the guitar chords for this song???

  18. Rachel Hickman says:

    Is anyone reading these comments from Samoa or know someone from Samoa? I am very interested in this culture and would love to learn more! email me at if you have anyone willing to talk to me about Samoan culture! thanks!

  19. Rachel Hickman says:

    Is anyone from Samoa or know anyone from Samoa? I am very interested in the culture. If you know anyone I willing to teach me, I would love it! email me at thanks!

  20. Dylan says:

    la manuia le aso palagi

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