Sa ou savali, i le ala

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5 Responses

  1. Anna Tutasi Suafai Lingley says:

    There’s another verse to this song we use to sing back in the late 50s

    Come back (come back) to me (to me)
    I want to hear i se upu e pau mai i lou fofoga
    i le’i galo io’u mafaufauga

    (the last sentence I’m not sure sure of)


  2. Curioussamoan says:

    Does anyone know the band of men who sing this song thats played on miss samoa catwalk?! Im desperate!

  3. thomas says:

    Laban family but the lead singer passed how do I know because he was my great grandfather siaki laban.

  4. Mrs_P says:

    I obsessed with this song right now! 😍 i sing the first verse to my newborn to faamoe him.

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