Minoi minoi

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  1. juice says:


  2. Jodi says:

    Is there a translation for this song anywhere? just wondering

  3. Jelo says:

    The English translation are as follows:

    Move, move like an ant when you dance,
    Swaying from side to side
    Dipping into rich coconut cream,
    As sweet as baked fruit.
    Ah, my pigeon,
    Crying out to me,
    I wish you could keep dancing like that,
    So move, move, move my darling.

    The choir I used to a member of sang the choral version…love it!!

  4. Anne says:

    My father who is native hawaiian had many of island songs in his collection- this one was the favorite of my younger brother, who was 1-2 yrs old at the time. We played it repeatedly to get him to sleep.Doesn’t seem peaceful, but he liked it.

  5. Haatoa Tuitama'alelagi says:

    I just need to correct the claims of a CHRISTOPHER Marshall being the composer of this song. My great uncle Kuka Tuitama wrote this song and my mother’s brother is over my great uncle’s trust and holds all the rights to his music. He has two sons who live in California who still receive royalties for their fathers music.

    • Ruta Lutu says:

      Hi , I just want to say to Haatoa T, thank you so much to your great uncle, I love this song as dad used to sing it to us when we were young, beautiful memories and than you now I can ref your great uncle to this song.

  6. Matt R says:

    Christopher Marshall is not the composer, he’s an *arranger*. His arrangement is copyrighted 1995, JEHMS, Inc. (division of Alliance Music Publications, Inc., Houston TX).

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