Faliu le la i lona tau afiafi

Faliu le La’i lona tau afiafi
Le La o Samoa ua felanulanua’i
Ua felanua’i ona ave i le lagi
Ioe, ta fia savalivali

Ua agi malu le tau afiafi
ina ua tuana’i atu o le la’i
tau ane sou sei e te tiu ai
tafao ane ia ma feliuliua’i
i le solo a tama’ita’i

Savalivali ane i le laugatasi
sasala le manogi o a latou ula laga’ali
manaia le fegasoloa’i
laofia o latou ata i le sami
o maia tatou mua
ia Samoa ma si ona laufanua
Muao! Muao!

Submitted by Choco Bloc
Pls make any corrections below

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  1. Lina says:

    it will be nice to listen to the song

  2. Lina says:

    when you put song on line its good to have people hear it to see what they think.some people might like it when they hear it, if they dont understand the word.

  3. ivelite says:

    This a beautiful song I do wish everyone could hear it. I know a lot of you know it. The song is an ode to our beautiful Samoa and the beautiful maidens of Samoa with their fragrant ‘ula moso’oi and sei. Back in the 70’s we put motions to this song for our Samoan Youth Group to perform in our church fund raising for a building. That building still stands on Oriente St in San Francisco California. I was thinking of calling on all the old youth group (which they are in their late 50’s and 60’s) to perform this song for one of youth members that has been called home by our Lord. She and I put together the motions; she was one of the most beautiful Samoan maiden of our youth group back in the day. Love you Jeannie. Thank you One Samoa for this wonderful website. God Bless and continue success.

  4. Jianni says:

    which one is the chorus?

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