Ua e manumalo

I can do all things through your victory Lord!

Ieova lo’u Atua la’u pese i le po,
lou faamaoni, lou agalelei Tama,
lo’u lea malosi.

Ua e manumalo, ua e manumalo,
ou te mafaia mea uma, ua e manumalo
Ieova e te a’oa’o o’u lima i le taua, lou lava aao
taumatau Tama taofiina a’u
Ua e manumalo, ua e manumalo, ou te mafaia mea uma, ua e manumalo.

Ua e manumalo (x4)

Ue e manumalo (Ou te mafaia x8)

Submitted by spiff
Pls make corrections below

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22 Responses

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  1. Puavahf9 says:

    He is victorious! LYJ <3

  2. i think this team is bomb!!

  3. anonymous says:

    cool how they full on pumped it in their busus in SA lol
    but its an awesome church song

  4. anonymous says:


  5. Sarona Mona says:

    I Love This Website !!!
    xoxox :*

  6. viinaj says:

    ` iLOVE ths song ! :)x

  7. GEE says:

    Does anyone have the chords?

  8. Marina Seve says:

    whats the chords please ?

  9. i love dis song and the group dat sing’s this song :-)

  10. Hector Boucet says:

    Mi esposa es de origen Samoan. Ella estaba escuchando esta cancion a traves de la internet. Yo estaba haciendo otras tareas, pero a la misma vez me encontraba escuchando la cancion y por alguna razon mis lagrimas comenzaron a bajar y no pude controlar mi llanto. Mi esposa me abrazo, sentia la paz y la serenidad de Dios en mi vida. No se como es posible sentir tantas cosas cuando ni siquiera entiendo el lenguaje samoano. Aveces las cosas de Dios son inexplicables, pero se sienten. Gracias Dios por ser el todo en nuestras vidas. Felicito a los integrantes de Peace Chapel de Nueva Zelanda por tan hermosa y conmovedora interpretacion.

  11. anonymous says:

    Héctor Boucet, puede que no sea capaz de hablar de Samoa como su esposa lo hace, pero todos estamos contentos de que Dios ha tocado tu corazón. Yo sé apenas nada de español, pero es bueno saber que tengo un hermano de allí. Dios los bendiga. Fa’fetai ia tagata mai Peace Chapel i New Zealand mo le pese lea. Peace

  12. Ngana says:

    what is the english meaning of this song? i love this song by the way!

  13. saydies says:

    love this song like soo much (:

    my future wedding song xo

  14. Angel Peni says:

    this song is very well performed by the Peace Chapel Well Done

  15. jennie says:

    man i luv all of da samoan song………….all my life ive alwaes wanted 2 rite samoan songs…………..i wish sumdae in da future i will b able 2 achieve my goal…………………all my luv 2 all samoan peoples out there wish uuuse all gud luk…………..PEACE WORLD………. : ) : ) : ) : )

  16. Dottie says:

    Best song out, the clip is soo beautiful, i get real emotional every time i listen to it, hehe God Bless and keep them coming.

  17. Gracie says:

    This song always inspired me and make me want to worship the lord evn more but thanks to peace chapel praise and worship team for this song because it has always blessed my heart

  18. Geraldine says:

    really gud song

  19. ufiata masipau says:

    love it!!!

  20. Pastor Myron Roberts says:

    Where can I get the English lyrics

  21. Valina Apa says:

    I like the song because it is really inspiration although I don’t understand the words. Would appreciate if the words can be translated to English. God bless those who sang this song.

  22. lualua says:

    Go Samoa that’s right go

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