Ou te malosi pea

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  1. Mel says:

    Does anyone have this song? Flippin being looking for it for ages! Send/upload -- anything! Pleeeeeease! Aha!

  2. Mareo says:

    yezzir mel i found it on frostwire.com look up peace chapel and its track 14 buddy!!!

  3. Mel says:

    Thanks Mareo!

    Except, I couldn’t find it??

  4. nika says:


  5. shinezzedah says:

    dis is a nyce song fo doze hu are in2 samoan churj musikkkk!!! lolzz !

  6. saint_dee says:

    love this song!

    Love you Lord!

  7. lupe says:

    this is a cool way to find out lyrics aye. Is it OK if you guys know the lyrics for PEACE CHAPEL’s song


    Faamolemole lava ua ta faifeau atu i tou afioga.

    Fa’afetai tele

  8. Lina says:

    This song is mean .

  9. nancy says:


  10. PALESOO says:

    ua muchie kele foi oukou ga……o ese ia ma le computer ae o e fai gi feau…..but anyways this song reminds me of my grandmother that past away a 3 years ago…..she loves singing this song…….i love you grandma from the bottom of my HEART….lol…..Ms. Paleso’o….

  11. kelly says:

    what is this song about?

  12. Dereece says:

    That ‘Kelly’ one I did but here is another question

    is this a song u can sing at a funeral

  13. pule says:


  14. nisha says:

    I luv dis song it makes wanna cry

    dis song reminds me of all da famz in SAMOA

    OKAY dats all I wanna say

  15. Zaraliah says:

    hae juz wna let u noe dat


    iz da bomb!!!

    im 4rm d quabcks!!!!!

  16. beautiful church song!! they haven’t played it at church for awhile -- and the vocals of E.T are crazyyyyy perfect for this song!

  17. Kelsz says:

    Any of y’all know where I can find the guitar chords for this tune??? Iz d POMU HARRRDDD 🙂 Pweddi Bleaze??? Holla….

  18. asp says:

    i love this song coz it gives me memories of my old church 🙁
    because we used to sing this song alot :(:(
    and i miss them soooooo much !!!!

  19. Freedah says:

    Yes this is a great song if you really get into the lyrics then it will be awesome.!

  20. Af'gasi says:

    can someone plz help me i’m an Afgasi and my Dad (rest his soul) always used to sing it to me i know i don’t know how to speak, read, or write Samoan but maybe someone can figure out what church song i’m talking about ; wong o’to at’awonga sala E’lea sa’me noto e’lea sa’me wa leelo elea toi sala E’lea sa’me noto E’lea sa’me , noto E’ea sa’me

    I don’t even know what the words mean but if anyone can help with the name of the song or just the words i would really appreciate it, fafa’tai my e-mail is wildsamoan99@gmail.com

  21. falalele Iakopo says:

    ohhh ay u frm the river river between joax im frm matautu falealili da mazda keige ole pili o ua chuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzu…………………

  22. andrew says:

    love des song,momoli atu matou alofaaga mo outou uma lava,faapea le susuga ole faafeagaiga ma le faletua…God Bless….

  23. pisah says:

    vaai keige o le pilioua ia e o ese male magogi elo ai o le mea eyloa…….hahahahah malo fala le faaeaea

  24. van dam!!!!!, i love this song!!! these are one of my favourite samoan songs. wish i had dis song on my laptop.
    I LOVE THIS CHURCH SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Zedizen says:

    Love this song!!

  26. Loreta says:

    Ia faamaise le atu i ai latou ua fai i lagi le tuli ga tia.Ia tau ia maua se tou nofoaga malu i le lagi o alofaaga na o Loreta ma le aiga

  27. Gracie says:

    I rad a lot of comment before I made this comment and I know it’s kind of weird but remember what people thinks is no use to us and I really hope this will never make you guys stop achieving what god has called you to do. But I just wanna say I love this song so much when I sing it to the lord I really cried and it’s not because I remember someone but because I can feel the spirit of the lord taken over me

  28. Samandra says:

    The guys voice in this song is so pure that just makes me fall in love more with it. Please sing more and more songs like these. Full SAMOAN on the islands.

  29. PetiMalo says:

    That I want to buy his cd but they dont have it anymore.

  30. Victoria says:

    Does anyone know the chords to this song?

  31. Mel says:

    Could someone translate this song in English please

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