Pe a e siva

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9 Responses

  1. Liya says:

    Hello, thanks for the lyric, but …. do you know where to know the english translation?
    I bought the cd, but no lyric inside…i really want to know the meaning of the songs…

    thank you~

  2. pisah says:

    yeah guys we could be all samoan star dancer……!!!!!

  3. fayf says:

    heyy i luv this song ayye farr cant stopp listening to it

    I lovee pasific souls

  4. Christina Lockington says:

    hay uhmm i love to listen tothis song and dance to it, its awesome this is our favourite song when we have special occasion this is the song that he always pick to dance with it and feel the beat in thesong…thanks to pacific souls

    Love yaah Christina..XoX

  5. fea says:

    it takes me 1 whole week running around to look for the cd of this song,and i couldnt find it here in nz,i went to the three places otara,mangere and otahuhu they have all run out,i love this song. to cut the story short my son and my nephew got one each of this cd.

    I love pacifica soul……Fea(niue)

  6. plumeria says:

    Would love to not only get the translation to this song, but the overall summary of what it is about!!! If anyone has it, please let me know 🙂 It would be greatly appreciated.

  7. hamogeekgirl says:

    An overall summary?

    This is a dance (siva) song for girls.

    The first verse says something like: When you dance in the Samoan style, you are the the one and only beauty, so keep dancing (se’ese’e maia refers to the way we slide our feet on the floor when we dance) because your actions are great.

    The rest of the song is more praise for the dancer, for the grace in her actions, and how no other style of dance in the world can compare to the Samoan siva. It also talks about the pride we have for Samoa, how our little country is known throughout the Pacific.. and also about the beauty of the Fa’asamoa.

    And that’s about it. It’s just a light, happy song for dancing and celebrating.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  8. brax says:

    tiga le tele o siva mai fafo ua mamalu is da best aye i knew dhat

  9. Leitoria says:

    Malo Lava o au ou te fiafia lava e fa’alogo i le pese lana e manaia le latou beat i le pese ma latou leo.
    Ou te fiafia lava e fa’alogo i pese a le Pacific Soul

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