Moe i le po masina

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8 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    beautiful… if only there was a third verse… other than that, it is simply beautiful.

  2. quincy jones says:

    I have written a third verse but you will have to wait until this song is released soon

  3. Frana says:

    Does anyone know of or have a backing track to the above song but Lole Usoalii’s version?

  4. jhazzyb00_ says:

    this song is so beautiful and deep .. dedicated to my unborn child i love and miss you always

  5. o a'u ole samoa says:

    does anyone want to take the time to translate this whole song in english? i only understand a bit of it

  6. I really like dis song only if there was a chorus…….

  7. faifaiaso says:

    My attempt at translating, with the utmost respect 🙂

    Moe i le po masina
    As I slept in the moonlit night

    Moe miti i ou foliga
    Dreaming of your countenance

    Le taimi tonu lea
    At that very moment

    Ua tu fa’asipa ai le aniva
    The milky way glimmered

    O’u nofo loa i luga
    I awoke and arose

    Fa’asolo o’u mafaufauga
    My mind disquieted,

    Lo’u tino ua maniti
    A sweat overcame me,

    Loimata ua maligi
    As tear drops fell.

    Agi maia ia se matagi
    That a wind would arise!

    Se’i momoli atu se tali
    To bear away my reply

    Ia te ia ua ou ioe
    To you, that I’m of the same accord

    Fia fa’atasi pea ma oe
    That my longing to be with you remains 

    I lo’u nei agaga
    And my very soul

    Fia maua pea se mafutaga
    Yearns to be united

    Ana leai lou alofa
    Knowing that without your precious love

    Semanu ou te le ola
    I would surely cease to live.

    Ia manuia!

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