Afai e te alofa

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15 Responses

  1. Barbie says:

    dayummm….i love diz freakin’ song…
    this song is way on top…
    oh well laydeez…keep up the good work!
    take kea cuz i do really keaz…iight!

  2. nika says:

    manaia le pese

  3. Afai E Te Alofa says:

    beautiful song it touches the heart and the soul.I just love it keep up the good work of looking for our samoan lyrics. Our heritage. Our culture. Our life. I dont speak that good but I’M PROUD TO BE SAMOAN.!!!!!!!!!

  4. maori mike says:

    afai e te alofa cuzies across the sea too meke there is nothing i like better than island muzic and lyrics

  5. Sez says:

    I’m Australian by birth, but Seychelles is my background. I have no Maori in me whatsoever, but love this music. This song sounds absolutely beautiful and I have no idea what they’re singing about lol. Is there an English version? It probably wouldn’t sound as nice in English, but I would love to know what each word means. I really like this song and these women have some of the most beautiful heavenly voices I’ve ever heard 🙂

  6. Tania faamausili says:

    Man I love this song

  7. ryanna says:

    Idk if im translating it rite but this is wat I can do to help you to find out wat this lyric mean

    If you love
    please can you come,
    come back to me
    this is cry
    oh this is me
    im so sad
    please baby come back
    come back
    please baby come back

    o my body is weak
    oh dear I wanna see
    just one more look at your beautiful face

    if someone is so special
    please forget about them,
    come back baby / dear oh come back
    come back oh baby come back

    • Layla says:

      hey ryanna i was wondering if you are samoan ? and that amykate girl is so mean i can not believe she said all of those rude things about u i mean what if u are right and that it really means that but it is a awesome song. please reply

    • Layla says:

      I love this song it is soooo coool!!!! 

  8. Cat says:

    Can someone translate this in eng?

  9. hamogeekgirl says:

    Ryanna I think you did great with your translation. Thank you for posting that. My translation was pretty similar. Check it out here --> Samoan Song Translation: Afai e te Alofa

  10. Gee says:

    Check out this version from Pacific Soul. Simply the best!

  11. Ricky says:

    man i really inlove with this song, i jst cnt stop singing every night and everyday..gud job girls, jst keep it up kay:) uhmmm hope uez guys make another new romantic song about sd storys and love storys…hahahahaha really nice girlz :^) xox

  12. brenda norlahrah uili says:

    I love this song,its so touchy and I do love samoan songs because I am a samoa and im proud to be a samoa lol……

  13. JJW says:

    If you are in love
    Won’t you please come back
    Come back to me
    I am pleading with thee
    Of myself
    I’m grieving
    Come back my darling
    Come back

    I’m feeling weak
    Dear in longing to see
    Just one glance
    Darling to your lovely face
    The one who set your heart on
    Abstract from your mind
    Come back my darling
    Come back

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