Tasi le loto

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7 Responses

  1. liz tua says:

    singing this song on sunday and dont know what it is qoinq to sound like ! :/

  2. Ivy Vine says:

    I love this song i have been searching for the lyrics of this song for ages, thankgoodness someone made a website for samoans man!!

  3. DYNAH SILVA says:

    omg this song is the best samoan song ive ever heard aey owel love it to the days always sing it every day man dont know y bt it makes me fink bk to ma family friends and everyone

  4. Darryl Wilson says:

    Could someone kindly trans;ate this song into English PLEASE! Love this song, but dont know what it actually means.

  5. Cecilia says:

    Thanks for the lyrics..i just gt the correct wording of this song hehe.

  6. Just becoming acquainted with the beautiful music from this part of the world as my Navy son is about to be stationed in Guam. The South Pacific is beautiful in landscape, people, and music, and I thank God for the opportunity to listen and enjoy.

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