Welcome all Samoan music fans

It’s amazing what you can learn about our culture through the poetry of our songs. Our mission is to build the largest collection of Samoan lyrics on the web.

We’re talking about songs in the Samoan language as well as anything performed by a Samoan artist or artists closely connected to Samoa, like this group. We will also take songs that lots of Samoans like, for example this one.

Browse the artists below or use the search feature (above) to find the song you want. If we don’t have it, please send us a request and we'll do our best to find them for you. You can also submit lyrics for the songs you love - but please do a search first to make sure we don't already have them.

The lyrics we have here were submitted by other music fans, and mistakes do happen. If you’ve got any corrections or questions, please post a comment beneath the song.


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