Samoa Plant Life: Do you know this plant?


Apparently, the root of this plant can help relieve pain. It’s widely used in Asian cooking, but I’m not sure that’s for the flavor. I’ve eaten a lot of food with this stuff in it, but I still couldn’t tell you what it tastes like – it’s so subtle and almost bland.

It grows well in Samoa, though. It’s all over the place, but I don’t think a lot of locals even know what it is.

Do you?

Check back next week for the answer.


Did you recognize the Upolu building in last week’s Quiz Post?


Ola Penn got it right. This would be the Moto’otua hospital – the only public hospital in Upolu.

[EDIT] Something new I learned about this hospital, thanks to Richard V E Umuti on Facebook: “This is the new hospital at Motootua it replaces the old hospital built in the mid 1970’s by the Mataafa Govt with assistance from NZ. Its called Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital named after the Joint Heads of State at Independence.”


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3 thoughts on “Samoa Plant Life: Do you know this plant?

  1. Looking at this picture makes me regret not finding out the name of this plant when I was in Samoa. I remember asking my aunty about a plant just like this one. It had white blossoms. I thought they were pretty which was why I asked her bowt them in the first place, and I remember her saying something about something, something, ginger….SO I think it’s like a ginger plant. That’s my hopeless guess 🙂

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