Samoa is still smiling

On the way to work the other morning, I listened to a bunch of The Edge FM djs broadcast from poolside, Aggie Greys, over in Samoa. The typically irreverent crew eschewed any sightseeing for lazing about in the sun, bragged about how much they’d had (and were planning) to drink, and conducted interviews with local hotel staff that bordered on lewd – “With a name like Ru-ta, you’d be a popular girl in NZ!” and so forth. And then the girl dj recorded this pitiful, painful to the ears, rendition of some pop song celebrating her time in Samoa.

At first I winced at the audacity. That’s MY Samoa you all are enjoying way too much over there! But then I realized, wait… less than two months after this year’s devastating tsunami took too many lives and destroyed some of our most treasured resorts, people are enjoying Samoa again.

Whoever it was that came up with the plan to send a bunch of boisterous Kiwi djs over to prove that Samoa, as a tourism industry, is definitely open for business again… you did good!

You’re probably also responsible for this heartwarming gem:

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9 thoughts on “Samoa is still smiling

  1. *correction* ..never seen something do beautiful, but losin
    the only thing to compare it to were music.. Should be.. Never seen something so beautiful, but an illusion. The only thing to compare to her, music.

    Sweet 🙂

  2. Correction 2nd verse.. I wanna write my checklist
    Should be: I want her on my checklist.

    and some of the do’s should be so’s.

  3. Got a correction.. 3rd verse reads: far from a ho, but you incredible.
    Supposed to be: far from a hulk (as in the incredible hulk) but you incredible.

  4. Awesome blog!

    Big Up’s to Electic Art’s David Riddel and NZ Marketing Rep’s Fasitau Ula, Marketing Manager -- Dwayne Bentley and the team of S.T.A -- always makes me proud!!!

    (and to Adeaze -- for singing Samoa -- & Former Miss Samoa, Ms Cilla Brown!) and of course the People of Savaii and Upolu!!!

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