Original Fiction: Familiar Stranger

After 8 years of an arranged marriage, Leah and Iosua barely speak to each other any more, but still live under the same roof for the sake of their son Amalika.

One day Iosefa, Iosua’s identical twin, shows up at their door. He’s needing a place to stay for a while after a four-year stint in jail.

Leah didn’t even know her husband had a brother, but why does Iosefa seem to know so much about her?

Find out in this intriguing tale woven by *This Girl* over in our Storytellers set…

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Known offline as Lillian (Lils, Lei'a) Arp, Hamo Geek Girl is just learning what it means to be Samoan. When she's not here, she's over at Manaui: Savour Oceania mostly talking about her other favourite topic: Food!

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