Old photos from the Samoana Newspaper

Some of you might remember the Samoana Newspaper which ran in New Zealand from 1979 to 2006. One Samoana inherited a bunch of old photos from the paper – 4 boxes full even – that we’re only now beginning to sort through.

As many of those who operated the newspaper (and took these photos) have now passed or moved on, and only a few of the photos are labelled, we’re pretty much clueless about the people and events in these images. So, we’re now doing what anyone would if they were looking for answers: posting them up on Facebook.

Most of the photos were taken at church or sporting events and other community functions, so they are a great record of recent history in our Samoan / NZ communities. We just need to get them into some kind of order so we know what we’re looking at.

Please visit One Samoana’s Facebook page to see if you recognize any of these people, places or occasions. We would very much appreciate any clues you might be able to offer.

Thank you!

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