I’ve got so much information in my head about Samoa and Samoan culture and a lot of it I’m working into drafts of upcoming One Samoana posts, but a lot MORE of it is bits and pieces of detail that doesn’t quite add up to a full blog post, SO…

I decided to chuck them all into an email newsletter series.

Introducing (drum roll please….)

Notebook Samoana

by Hamo Geek Girl

Beginning Thursday, 31 March 216 it will come out every two weeks as often as possible and will feature news and updates from the One Samoana world (that’s this website and our social media) PLUS a bunch of extra thoughts, facts and tips about Samoan culture.

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Need more convincing?

Who needs Notebook Samoana?

Anyone who can say YES to 3 or more of the following statements:

  • I have Samoan ancestry (even if it’s a little bit, somewhere on the Family Tree)
  • I didn’t grow up in Samoa
  • I grew up in Samoa, but it’s been years since I’ve been back
  • I love my heritage and am proud to be Samoan
  • I want to better understand Samoan customs
  • I want to learn more about Samoan history
  • I’m learning to cook in the Samoan style
  • I want to impress my family & friends with interesting Samoan facts
  • Someday I’m going to be a master of the Fa’asamoa, but I need a place to start
  • I would like to teach my children about their Samoan heritage
  • I want to better understand my Samoan husband/wife/fiance/in-laws
  • I just want to feel more connected to Samoan way of life

What to Expect

Each issue you’ll get a quick update from One Samoana, so:

  • Latest articles, if any
  • Interesting posts from our Social Media sites

And then you’ll also get short, random – but organized – thoughts and tips about Samoan culture.

I’ll be talking about:

  • Stories from Samoan history
  • Samoa/Samoans in the News
  • Why Samoans do certain things
  • Navigating a Samoan wedding/funeral/etc.
  • My favourite online resources for Samoan stuff
  • That one thing my grandma/uncle/aunt/mom/etc. taught me that I’ll never forget
  • Obscure Samoan dishes you should really learn to cook
  • Heaps more like this!

But, like, not all at one time, of course. I’ll have to spread them out over hopefully 26 issues a year.

And maybe not in that order.

A lot of the newsletter stuff will link back here to One Samoana, but a lot of it won’t.


Well, you’ll just have to sign up and see! 🙂

By the way: Privacy is really important to me. I will never sell or share your email details.

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xx HGG