Miss Samoa takes our siva to the world [video]

Miss Samoa World 2015

After some embarrassing criticism from Samoa’s prime minister (embarrassing for him, that is), 21-year-old Latafale Auva’a headed to China with a promise to “represent the Pacific with pride” on the Miss World stage.

And she did!

Our reigning Miss Samoa came Top 5 in the Sports category, Top 5 in Talent, Top 10 in Beauty with a Purpose, and – most stunningly – she introduced our cherished taualuga dance to a worldwide audience of at least a billion!

She takes centre stage at about 4:37 in this clip, and then the entire group of a hundred something contestants help her perform a beautiful little siva.

But why did those 30 seconds move me to tears…? lol

I’m so proud!!

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One thought on “Miss Samoa takes our siva to the world [video]

  1. That goes to show that our Miss Samoa and her committee really did a good job at this event. What was in her control eg talent and dances etc,. she did her best in and she got excellent placings. What was beyond her control she could not do anything about such as the ideals of “beauty” the judges were looking for. Excellent representation, Latafale and her crew! The worst thing is for anyone going to such event not preparing well, but this tausala really did her best. All the best to her in her future endeavours!

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