I sat in my seat trying my best to take notes and not doze off to sleep (from staying up until early hours in the morning on 1SAMOANA) haha I know what an addict. The lecturer looked up at me she was annoyed at my cellphone going off. I knew it was a text because all I heard was my message tone JUST DO IT DO IT DO IT……………MY NECK MY BACK LICK MY ………AND MY BACK. I rambled through my huge bag feeling about for it.All I could feel was hair products,handfull of lipglosses,pens,scattered lollies from my dads fathers day ula lole and my folder of notes. I finaly got hold of it and switchd it off. I didn’t bother reading the message as I thought I was annoying forward.

My eyes got heavier and heavier and my grip on the pen got looser and looser. I felt the floor vibrating it was my cellphone again.I rambled through the bag once again and read it ”Hey cuzz is your mum ok?” I texted back “Yea cuzz shes good I spoke to her last night, she gonna b in Samoa 4 anothr few weeks”. My  cellphone went off again “Can u get in contact with her plz…….we worried about her”. I thought to myself GOSH, WHAT DRAMATIC FAMILY MEMBERS!!!!!!

I chucked the cellphone back in my bag and kept writing. Again I felt the floor vibarating over and over, I picked it up and there 9 UNREAD TXT MESSAGES. My eyes lit up thinking YEAH THATS RIGHT FANS TEXTING ME. That dream was immediatly shattered as i read the last message out of the 9. ”HEY WELL????DID U RING OR WAT????TXT BAK NOW!!!!! THERE HAS BEEN A TSUNAMI IN SAMOA!!!!” By then the lecture had finished and I was on my way out to my tutorial for that day. It didnt hit me until I jumped on one of the student comps in the hallway googled the news and there it was all the info I needed. My heart just started to ache the first image in my mind was my mum. I just kept thinking ”….am I going to be loosing my mum?”

A week earlier before she left to Samoa to attend a title name court case bla bla bla we were constantly arguing over her making me change her return flight date over and over again. ”Mum I have to pay money everytime you want to make a change to your flight details!!” She always replied with ”I carried you in my stomach for 9 months” LOL and I replied with ”Well I did not ask you to did I?” LOL But now I was sitting there helpless tears streaming down my face and how I wished I had just gone with her as planned. When I viewed the map of the areas affected, my mum’s village (MUTIATELE,ALEIPATA) was right in the affected area. I wish I had not viewed the map. Still crying I started dialing my uncles cellphone number in Samoa. The longer it rung the harder I cried. Finaly my uncle answered. I asked (trying my best to be strong and sound not worried) if they were all alright. He paused, then said they all were alright. ”Is my mum alright?” I asked this time holding my breath in and letting all my tears flow down no matter if all my eyeliner dripped as well. He paused again and I closed my eyes ”IOE shes alright she’s on the other side of the hill the village has been demolished but we are all alright”. I kept crying this time tears of joy and relief. All day long I kept thanking GOD, for his protection over my family and for reminding me to appreciate my mum and that there are those out there who are not as lucky as I was.Those who were unable to go pick their mum up from the airport and see them smiling and feeling that warm hug again.



Our family lives directly across from a bus stop a heavily graffitied bus stop it stands there day and night rain or shine with a half munched timetable and a bus stop sign that has been smeared with mud and God knows what else. We all know that a bus stop is used to shelter those who catch the bus to wherever they are going. Not this bus stop how about every weekend we have a group of under age drinkers (the same group every weekend) drinking there they sit in there singing laughing a conversating and krumping to the 1 song from JSQUAD on 1 of their cellphones that is put on repeat from late Friday night until early saturday morning. What about the group of school kids waiting for the bus decided that the footpath,road and some poor persons front lawn was not enough room for their fight so they take it to the roof of the bus stop by the time cars had stopped to sort these teens out the biggest guy out of them all (who was probably samoan, judging from the samoan expletives that was coming out of his mouth…..well he was holding the skimpy guy from the top of the roof dangling him while the rest of them clapped and cheered on the 3 boys on the roof.

On a weekly basis as our family members make their way to work or school in the early hours of the morning we will always spot a foreign body laying inside the bus stop after a long night of boozing and partying at a nearby house.One of us (usualy me) crosses the road and check if who ever it is, is still breathing then carry on with our daily routine.

One night my sister and I were in the room surfing the net and being faikala on peoples bebo pages and all we hear is a couple arguing ……….how about they were arguing over who was going to be paying their fares on the bus and how much is the bus fare???? $3.00 nzd. LOL I know I couldn’t believe I was hearing an argument over this. Well I do not know why I blogged about this Bus stop I just wanted to tell you that our Bus stop (I mean the city councils bus stop)  is not only used to catch buses in our neighbourhood.




Three months of tearing my hair out and sleepless nights are finally slowly coming to an end I feel as if I am going to miss it LOL Being put in charge of one out of two groups from our church has not been an easy task I basically put my whole life on hold three months of no internet…….(I’m so going to thrash it when everything is done) Well alot of other reasons why but thats another blog, three months of no night clubbing (the clubs must miss my Beyonce booty shaking dance moves) LOL three months of not even attempting to find a job ( $00.00 balance in my bank account) LOL Thank GOD for WINZ (work and income New Zealand) LMAOOO!!!! MMWWAAHHZZZ!!

Anyways when I got asked to take the group…..I mean when I got forced and pressured to take the group LOL I had all these ideas in my head one was to start packing and move to Australia another was to move to Palmerston North and study at Massey University and just leave the group hanging and let someone else who was more greatful then me take over. LOL! ………Off course I did not go ahead with any of my plans………but I decided to suck it in and do it. (FOR THE LORD)

Now I am just putting the last and final touches to my angel costumes counting down the days until my group takes the stage and perform what we have been practising for the last few months going to be a big relief when it is finaly over.


I took a deep breath looked at my reflection in the automatic sliding door and walked in at the same time trying to wipe off the excess lip gloss I had slapped on my lips on my way to the building from the car. For some silly reason my hands started trembling so I gripped onto my handbag for comfort and support. I saw a palagi lady bright red lipstick, parted hair squared framed reading glasses sitting at the service desk she looked at me rolled her eyes and sighed as if to say “oh ….. Yes another one…another brown face to add to the already long line of brown faces in the line” LOL

As my place in the line got closer and closer to the service desk I built up the courage to look around and observe my surroundings I went over in my head what I was going to say to the palagi lady “ Hello ma’m I am here for a seminar”…….. “Hey wotz good? Where’s that seminar at?” ……… “Excuse me lady could you tell me where the seminar is?” ……..“Hi there I use to be employed but now I am not because I had unexpected family commitments, I have never been here before can you tell? Because I do not even know where the room for the seminar is!!!!!” LOL maybe not the last one a bit too long with unnecessary information LOL

I stood there cracking jokes to myself it eased my nerves and stopped me from hyperventilating LOL!!! I couldn’t believe how I felt I just hoped no one I knew would see me I would be so embarrassed it took me a lot of guts to even make an appointment.

“How can I help you?” I stood there unable to move or speak….. “ummmmm ummmmm I’m here for the the ummmmm seminar?” the palagi lady asked for my name and birth date I told her she quickly typed it into their system a few seconds later she said in a mighty loud voice “OH RIGHT YOU ARE HERE FOR THE UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT SEMINAR!”

She now knew what I was there for and so did the 30 something other people who were in the waiting area. LMAO!!!!



My friend Jo had just broken up with her partner after suffering years of domestic violence and abuse. Her and her kids decided to move back with her mother in Porirua. I use to work with her my first job ever I was still at college when I became a part time checkout operator at the local supermarket that’s how I met Jo. She left college to work , I thought it was the most ridiculous thing when she told me about her decision while I had a cigarette in the smokers room and her being a non smoker she was desperately fanning the fumes away LMAO I use to crack up to my self and think why would you leave college to work at a supermarket? Later on I understood why sometimes you just got to do it.

You see I never really liked Jo I got the picture that she was a try hard she was a goody good two shoes but tried very very hard to fit in but I could never avoid her. She started smoking 2 weeks after we started working together please do not blame me for her starting LOL I did advise her it was not a good idea to start but she said it was only a phase she would never become heavily addicted 6 years later she’s chain smoking and I have a cigarette only when I drink (which is hardly ever LMAO)

Within the span of 6 months of the both of us working together Jo started smoking, drinking and sleeping with boys and men LMAO! …….once again do not blame me for all this I did not hold a machete to her neck and make her do it. LMAO! A supervisor advised Jo not to hang out with me anymore because I was a BAD INFLUENCE LMAO …….did Jo listen? No she didn’t!

A year and a half later Jo became pregnant to her West African boyfriend whom she had met through another workmate one night when she climbed out of her window to go night clubbing ( a classic islander girls story ) LOL. We both worked at a very large supermarket with mainly SAMOAN workers so there was always plenty of gossip LOL……mainly about Jo and I LMAO!

Here we were both sitting in her car 6 years later while her second partner had a few drinks with his boys. We are now very good friends (something I never ever thought would happen) while we caught up I kept thinking back to when we first met and  how i did not really like her I have a long giggle to myself and think my friend Jo!!!!



I casually sat slouched on my chair waiting for our youth leader to go through the normal procedure of thanking everyone for attending youth then reading out the statement of the youth bank account a little word of encouragement from the Holy Bible. Then informing us of the special events we would be expecting in the coming month.
I really didn’t care just wanted to get out before 4pm so I could plan my Saturday night with the girls well that all came to a halt when they announced what my job was for our youth rally in April. I was given a group to lead.

My job is to come up with an entrance song, skit and a dance (all on my own). I did not want to do it I felt like a hypocrite teaching GODLY and CHRISTIAN song, dances and skits and I do not even walk the walk of the things I will be teaching. I am the last one that should be doing it you might be thinking oh yeah no sweat but

……..no way it was just too much sweat!!!!!!! I stayed up on you tube, lime wire and even harassed all the 1 samoana village people!!!!!! I went as far as forcing them to send me songs via msn (thanks Breezay!!!!) LOL texting and calling people who I haven’t spoken to in months pretending to ring for a catch up then casually asking for any ideas LOL.

I was under a lot of pressure especially when they left me hanging high and dry with a group which was a mix of mainly the young girls of the church then when you mix them in with Samoan born guys who have only been in New Zealand for less then a year makes it very difficult to come up with a programme that is suitable and would cater for the group and audience. For example

……….a simple hip-hop dance move took the Samoan borns days to learn step,pop step,step throw. Then one of the Samoan guys suggested we do a skit that reminded me of the white Sunday 1990 tala (play) LMAO. The young girls begged me not to consider their idea for the skit or else they were not going to participate. I just couldn’t believe how hard my first job within a church was.





When you have a teenage girl trembling and hiding in your closet while their mother, father and sister are all standing at the door yelling out her name each time the tone in their voices becoming more and more aggressive, what do you do? It then gets to the point where they all basically step into your house uninvited yelling at the top of their lungs and threatening to call the police when in fact the only ones breaking any type of law would be them, what do you do? You know for sure that once they get their hands on her she will get a beating, what do you do?

As I was growing up I always imagined what I would do, the steps I would take if I ever was in a similar situation I even rehearsed lines to say but I totally froze. I mean yes I have had my fair share of beatings up to a certain age where my parents saw the light and stopped laying their hands on me which was a very long time ago.

Still frozen I thought to myself I’m not this child’s mother or legal guardian
I really do not have the right. This thought was quickly interrupted by this young girl giving herself up to her parents only to have her father viciously pull her by the hair about 10 metres out to the car in front of the whole neighbourhood whom were already out on the road wanting to know what all the commotion was which is very common especially amongst an area over populated by many Samoans the faikala ones mainly.

The big red Honda family van zoomed off. I knew once they got home she will get a beating not only from her mother but from her father, sister her two other brothers and cousin all at once that’s just how it is in her family they probably think the more the merrier?

Although I picked up the phone and notified the police for some reason I had this guilty feeling I knew I was doing the right thing but still I had a sick feeling in my gut but I wanted to break the cycle of staying silent and turning the blind eye like many do. Discipline is a thing that should be carried out but not to the extent where it becomes a family gang bash well at least that’s what I think?


Ok picture this a Samoan guy a fobby one standing there speaking English you can’t barely understand…….a dark brown greasy face with a shocking amount of acne and acne scars. Hanging over his wide flat nose locks of thick, dry and frizzy curly hair in a mullet styled haircut.You know how the mullet hairstyle went out the window years ago then came back into fashion? Well this guy never got rid of his LMAO. Kama had discoloured teeth wearing a faded Manu Samoa rugby jersey long rugby socks with thrashed jandals. You get the picture?
Now that you got that image in your mind you are either licking your lips and thinking mmmmmmm give me some of that LOL or else you would be exactly like me holding your stomach and trying to hold yourself back from power chucking all of your dinner out.
I had an experience with a guy exactly like the one I described (no no not in that way get your damn mind out of the gutter LMAO). I walked past him at a church bbq minding my own business and the fobby Samoan guy pops up and says to me “Oh you can’t fit through that kap” (in a fresh fobby accent off course) I just ignored his dry joke and kept walking.
I went around with the teapot offering tea to everyone ( don’t ask why we have tea at a bbq instead of ice tea or lemonade its an island thing LOL ) I came back and he says “Oh my loife you still hafen’t gone skinny” That’s when I felt my blood boiling OMG!! I wanted to bbq his head and pour hot tea into his eyeballs all these violent thoughts going through my mind I couldn’t believe this greasy pizza faced guy had the nerve to pull out his fat jokes on me looking like that! He waits until I pull out my UGLY JOKES on him at the next church bbq LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!












I can’t believe it  my eyes are fixed on the computer screen my fingers are shaking just a tad .I got that butterfly feeling in my gut.Kind of feels like my first day at college I keep thinking ”What if?” It has been a couple of weeks since I registered my interest in starting a blog spot on Ala Mai.

After reading nearly every blog on here I hesitated …got a bit FEFEVALE (scared/afraid) and kept holding off  writing a blog Why? Because of the high standard these writers have set. Well written, attention grabbing and exciting accounts of day to day life experiences. I even had to get my online dictionary out to read a few of the blogs LOL talk about trying to catch up on my vocabulary.I read one blog and they had some people criticising the way he wrote even the poor guys grammar.LOL it Put me right off starting a blog I even read the BLOGGING ADVICE but I think I’ll just scratch that and just do what I want LOL even if I get comments about my poor grammar.