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    Ever wonder where these worms and parasites come from? Or how the heck did they get in your body? Read these articles that I’ve picked up. I was reading some of the worms and parasites because for some odd reason I was thinking about worms (don’t ask me why lol) then I typed worms in body and I just had to know how what or when about these little creatures. I want to know what causes them to come inside our bodies and what we can prevent them from coming in .. I know these pictures are little explicit but it will help so that you’ll know how it looks. So if you’re interested, please read on!! This WILL HELP You in the Long Run


    Worms and Parasites are present in the body when the immune system is unable to defend itself from invading organisms.  These can only manifest in a toxic body.  Worms and parasites are plentiful in food, air, and water.  Meat is not inspected in this country very efficiently.  Hanna Kroeger taught that only about 25% of the meat is inspected.  Of this, it is estimated that at least one-third of the meat that is inspected is not inspected thoroughly, because the meat isn’t cut deep enough for proper testing.

                Over the years, there have been many statistics concerning the safety of our meats and poultry.  Beef can contain beef tapeworm.  Sometime when inspectors find cancer in one part of the chicken, they throw that part away, and use the rest of the animal.  That is why it is safer to use whole chicken and cut them up yourself.  If you eat meat, it is best to buy organic, naturally fed animals.

                When the human body is filled with metals, chemicals, pesticides and environmental poisons, it is easier for worms and other parasites to invade the body.  If people have a continuing problem with parasites it could be from Dioxin poisoning (Agent Orange).  When Dioxin is in the body it provides a favorable growing medium for parasites.

                When the liver, colon and many other organs and glands are congested, worms and parasites come in and begin their scavenger activities.  These parasites come from foreign countries, as well as from our pets.  There are herbs and homeopathics for ridding the body of the most common worms and parasites.

                Worms thrive in alkaline conditions which increase when the body is full of pesticides and chemicals.  Cancer is an alkaline disease.  Tapeworms and hookworms can cause anemia.  Tapeworms can cause accumulation of fluid around the time of the full moon.  Increased mucus can be caused by worms.  Stool and blood tests are not definitive tests for worms and parasites because sometimes they hide.  Only if the test is given around the full moon  is there the highest chance of finding the organism, and even then, there may not be evidence of it in the stool sample given.

                There are hundreds of different parasites.  They invade the body when it is in an alkaline medium.  Cancer patients usually have parasites which take nourishment away from the body.

    Remember that cancer is a disease of malnutrition.  These parasites circulate through the blood and hinder the life force.  In this lowered state of vitality, cancer cells aren’t able to transmit the life force to the new blood cells.  Aluminum or other toxins may block it, as it surrounds the cancer cell.  What is even more damaging than the physical presence of worms and parasites is their waste.  Parasite droppings can turn into fungus, which can then turn into a virus. 


    Specific Worms, and Parasites

    Ascaris Lumbricoides

    Ascaris Lumbricoides

                DESCRIPTION:  This is the common intestinal roundworm.  One survey showed 64% of the people in the Southeastern U.S. are infected.  The female lays about 200,000 eggs per day (which are not killed by heat).  Eggs stay viable about one year in soil or sand.  Once inside the body, they burrow through the intestinal wall and go into the lymph.  They are visceral larvae migrants and can cause eyesight to go.  Their waste creates high molecular proteins.  Some waste from these worms may cause allergic reactions. 

                SYMPTOMS:  Unclear thinking after eating, affects heart, alveoli in lungs (asthma), can cause blood sugar imbalance, circulatory system problems, weight fluctuations (especially around the full moon), and certainly fatigue from malnourishment.  Roundworms create lumps in the feet called “worm nests” and these can calcify.



    DESCRIPTION:  There are several varieties of this worm (such as Necator Americanus, or Ancylostoma Duodenale), however the treatment and symptoms are the same.  The main problem with hookworms is that they can cause anemia.  Hookworms have been known to ingest one-half cup or more of blood per day.  If you walk barefoot, they can easily get into your feet…into circulatory system…into alveoli in lungs…into intestines.  They can lower blood sugar.


    PinwormsDESCRIPTION:  This is one of the most common worms in the U.S.  Females live one foot up the rectum.  Males live higher in the intestinal tract and cause problems there.  Females lay eggs at night.  Pinworms can even live inside the nose.  Often children scratch their bottom, and then touch their nose or mouth.  Pinworms can infest any organ in the body, and go undetected for years, possibly a lifetime!  They are easily spread; check the whole family.

                SYMPTOMS:  Scratching bottom (this could be caused by dyes or chemicals in colored toilet paper, candidasis infection, allergies to clothing detergents), grinding teeth at night.



    DESCRIPTION:   Burrows in sand, soil and is found on unclean vegetables. Fifty percent of puppies have whipworm, which is the number one way to become infected.

    Dog Heartworm

    dog heartworm 

    DESCRIPTION:  This is a worm that lives primarily in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels.  It is passed by means of the bite of a mosquito.



    DESCRIPTION:  The trichina worm is a small pink worm which is most commonly present in meat, especially pork.  Occasionally, it lays eggs in soil or sand, which we can get into our bodies.  The worms lay eggs which infect the body with a disease called trichinosis.  The U.S. has trichinosis in high proportions, afflicting at least 24% of the population.  The microwave oven doesn’t kill the eggs or larvae, so cook pork thoroughly on the stove or in the oven until there is no pink color.  I always suggest the use of organically raised meat, especially pork.

                SYMPTOMS:  These worms burrow into the intestines causing diarrhea, intestinal pain, fever and symptoms of low-grade infection or food poisoning.  Trichina can go into the throat, brain, muscles, joints, lungs, nervous system and especially the heart.  In the lungs, it can show a shadow on the X-Ray, which appears to look like a tumor.  If it is in the heart undetected, and the person exerts him/herself to shovel snow or something, they can easily die from a heart attack.

    Tapeworm Family


    DESCRIPTION:  There are many species of tapeworm including beef (20% of cattle have this—Taenia saginata), pork (Taenia solium), fish (Diphyllobothrium latum), bladder worm (Cystircercossis), dog (Dipylidium caninum), rat (Hymenolepsis diminuta) tapeworm etc.  There are two hosts—animals and humans.  One can get tapeworm from fleas.  Dwarf Tapeworm is similar to other tapeworms, but smaller.  It lives in grains and can get into flour when the grain is ground.

                SYMPTOMS:  Can cause diabetes, hair loss, bloated intestines, headaches, dizziness, mineral imbalance, thyroid imbalance, intestinal gas, high and low blood sugar, bloating caused by excess fluid (especially around the full moon), and jaundice.

    Flukes—Have the most complex lifestyle of the animal kingdom.  Female flukes lay 20,000 eggs per day.  Flukes are very common in Great Lakes region and Africa.

    bloodfluke Blood Flukes—Can come from vegetables imported from Chile and Mexico because in these countries they use human manure for fertilizer.  The blood flukes have hooks, and this makes them stick together, so they can create blood clots.  One symptom is varicose veins.  There are three species of Blood flukes.

    fluke Intestinal Flukes—Tends to accumulate where there is Dioxin (Agent Orange) residue.

    liver flukes Liver Flukes—These flukes infest the liver and gallbladder and can cause liver damage over a period of time.

    lung fluke Lung Flukes—can get into the body due to not enough oxygen in the body.  Clear phlegm is often present.  Always check the right side of the lung, as this is the entry point.  Put fists in groin on both sides and take in deep breath to get enough oxygen.

    Single-Celled Parasites

    amoeba Amoeba—can create nests in the brain, behind eyeballs, causing one to loose mental capacity.

    giardia lamblia Giardia lamblia   Giardia Lamblia is common in water (high proportions in the Colorado Rockies) and can cause tiredness, exhaustion, anemia and glaucoma.  Also can cause deficiency of vitamins A and D and light colored mucus-filled stools.

    hemolytic Hemolytic Parasites (blood parasites) these parasites are always present with cancer.

    protozoa Protozoa   Can be found in the air and even water pipes in the home.  Can be caused by a lack of Calcium and Magnesium or low levels of.  For those with MS check for this parasite.

    Toxoplasma Gondii


    DESCRIPTION:  Toxoplasmosis is the disease due to infection from Toxoplasma Gondii organism.  This parasite is a form of protozoa which is easily transmitted from cat feces, though it can come from many mammals and birds.  Because this particular parasite can cause so much trouble, and we have more information on it, I will elaborate here.

    SYMPTOMS: It can cause low blood sugar, so it is important to clear this parasite as soon as possible.  Our bodies aren’t made for the very high protein diets prescribed for hypoglycemia.  The Eskimos are an exception since they are used to diets very high in protein and their bodies have accommodated.  In most of us high protein diets can damage kidneys.

    Toxoplasmosis can cause tumors in the lungs, brain, heart and pancreas.  Other symptoms caused by toxoplasmosis include encephalitis, hydrocephalis, spina bifida, despondency, unhappiness, impaired digestive system, hair loss, mood swings, and much more.  Symptoms can resemble mononucleosis, pneumonia, anemia and leukemia.  It can create calcification at the top of the cranium.  The toxoplasma parasite can cross the placental barrier.  It can cause miscarriages to occur which is actually a blessing.  Otherwise, the baby would be badly deformed.  It is wise for pregnant women to make sure their cats are free of parasites.  Toxoplasmosis can cause a person to lose distance perception and often drive the car more on the left side of the lane rather than in the middle.  Many persons with AIDS die from toxoplasmosis because they are already so debilitated and this parasite is very strong.



    This spiral formed organism is somewhere in the classification between bacteria and protozoa.  It is really like two diseases in one.  There are several varieties: Saprospira, Christispira, Treponema, Treponema Plladium.

    Spirochetes can shape their bodies and wrap around body parts and disease.  These organisms affect people who are run down, stressed, immune deficient, and in other conditions such as candidiasis, Epstein Barr, AIDS, cancer etc.

    SYMPTOMS:  Can’t sleep at night, fever, a feeling of “heaviness” from the waist down.  The infection goes into the muscles, blood and bones.

    Trichinosis will often times piggyback on Spirochete’s.

    Lyme Disease 

    lyme disease DESCRIPTION:  Form the deer tick, certain fleas and horseflies.  Discovered in Lyme, Connecticut.

    SYMPTOMS:  First there will be a red spot where you were bitten.  Three or four months later there could be a bacterial infection, septicemia, nerve damage and severe flu like symptoms.  The symptoms of this disease are supposedly ten times worse than Epstein Barr virus.

    Anaplasmosis and Tickfever

     ticker  This disease can cause mental illness and stroke.

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