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The movement is growing… more and more natives are v’blogging in the ville. Join CAM-U-MIND to get your own vlog started. In the meantime, here’s San Jose’s Iaga with her answers to these questions:

1. State your name (and location) for the record
2. Best thing about the town you live in
3. What’s something you love about Samoan culture
4. Why do you kick it at One Samoana?
5. 3 things you’re good at (or enjoy doing)
6. Please demonstrate one of them… (perform an item or exhibit your skills)
7. Plug it (whatever you want to promote or get the word out about) & Final Thoughts

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Known offline as Lillian (Lils, Lei'a) Arp, Hamo Geek Girl is just learning what it means to be Samoan. When she's not here, she's over at Manaui: Savour Oceania mostly talking about her other favourite topic: Food!