How’s your Fa’asamoa?

Le Gagana Samoa = The Samoan Language

We refer to the Samoan way of life as ‘Fa’asamoa’, but we also use this word to talk about our Samoan language knowledge, as in… “My fa’asamoa has improved a lot since we moved to Samoa” or, “Her fa’asamoa is really good, even though she grew up in New Zealand.”

How’s your fa’asamoa?

This beginner-level quiz (below) is part of the first Samoan language quiz to feature in our Notebook Samoana emails, except this one has answers!

Check it out. See how well you do against other One Samoana readers:

To my Notebook Samoana readers, my sincere apologies for how long it’s taking to get Issue #6 out. With work and church commitments (including an upcoming church conference for which I’m organizing 2 separate choirs), it hasn’t been easy finding time to write.

But I’m working on it!

See you in your inboxes… soon.


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Known offline as Lillian (Lils, Lei'a) Arp, Hamo Geek Girl is just learning what it means to be Samoan. When she's not here, she's over at Manaui: Savour Oceania mostly talking about her other favourite topic: Food!

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