Greg Louganis’ 5-steps for bouncing back FAST from failure

Part Samoan by birth, Greg Louganis is an Olympics legend, who suffered one of the most famous – and most public – failures in sports history. At the Seoul Olympics in 1988, he was knocked unconscious when he hit his head on the diving board while performing a 33-foot dive.

Far from allowing the accident to send him home, incredible Louganis got right back into the game and won two gold medals that same summer.

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times (to the n’th power) I’ve failed in my relatively short *kale* life. I’m guilty, though, of wallowing – just a little – in the drama of my failures, stressing something about, ‘when is it ever going to be MY turn to win?’. I forget sometimes that this kind of thinking can keep people glued to square one… or progressing through goals a bit like wading through mud, never quite reaching the finish line.

Nadia Goodman at Entrepreneur uncovered Greg Louganis’ secrets for building a bridge FAST (…so I can get over myself QUICK and succeed already!)

  1. 1. Consider failure an asset. “There really is no such thing as failure…Setbacks are just there to help you gather information. They’re not good or bad.”
  2. 2. Strive for success, not perfection. “If you focus on perfection, you may never get out of the gate since you’ll fear falling short of that…Even in diving, the definition of a score of 10 is excellent, not perfect.”
  3. 3. Let go of self judgement. “Peak performance is meditation in motion, where you’re not thinking, just doing…The only way to achieve that is by letting go of self-judgment.”
  4. 4. Analyse your mistakes later. “After hitting my head in Seoul, I had to push it aside like it never happened.”
  5. 5. Rely on your supporters. “I am a firm believer that you don’t achieve greatness on your own…There is always someone there to lend a hand.”

Nadia’s article is here: Olympic Great Greg Louganis on Refocusing Fast After Failure. It’s a great read.

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One thought on “Greg Louganis’ 5-steps for bouncing back FAST from failure

  1. … dude! … i was watching this the day he hit his head on the platform … OUCH! … seriously did NOT think he’d come back … but he DID !! … very inspirational indeed his triumph during that ordeal … won’t say too much … u know how i loathe redundancy 😉 .. buttah i will add one more “GET OVER YOURSELF” … just for the sake of … being me 😀

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