Are you Samoan?..No, sorry I’m Polynesian!” Geography, Nationality and Ethnicity. Let’s get some things right.


This will help

The other day I was at work – working of course, when I overheard one of my coworkers tell another coworker ” Well you know , it’s more of an ASIAN culturual thing we ASIANS do”.  I thought to myself, this girl is Vietnamese and the other girl is of Turkish descent, both of whom are American. The Turkish girl replied innocently “Well I have a lot to learn about the Asian culture.” Do both these women not own a map of the world or seen some globe at one point in time, denoting that both of their ancestrial homelands are a part of the ASIAN continent?

How many times have you heard someone tell you that they are Asian and you ask yourself “Really ?sh@#, which frigging part of Asia?” and then finally get the answer you were looking for , “Yes,my  mom is Chinese and my dad is from India (India is apart of ASIA), but he’s not ASIAN, only my mom.”

One time, I was talking to a couple of Friends , some were from the Netherlands  and one of them asked my AMERICAN friend, what Nationality he is. He proudly replied , ” I’m Samoan”. After which he was also asked what part of Samoa was he raised, and he had that dumbfounded look on his face, because my friend has never been to the “rock”,  and he replied “Oh, I grew up in San Diego” – he speaks better Spanish than Samoan.

Let’s clear some things up. The continent of ASIA consists of many NATIONS  from Siberia in RUSSIA to VIETNAM, from AFGHANISTAN, across INDIA through CHINA out to KOREA and out to JAPAN. Filipinos, Tawainese, Pakistanis and hell, even the Israeli’s can call themselves ASIAN!

Your NATIONALITY is the place where you are a citizen , borne or naturlalized as of right …NOW. Are you with me? Good. So now, your Ethnicity is your specific ancestrial, cultural descention or  background.  You can be SAMOAN but if you live in let’s say, Australia then your nationality would be Australian…get it? You can be full blooded Mongolian (Asian too) but you may have never ever been there and the only thing Mongolian you know is beef or Ghengis Khan, why? Because you were raised in Toronto , Canada and can only speak Quebecian French- ya see?

Your Ethnicity, are your ancestrial traits,(you get from your parents) culture ,and distinct physical features. Samoan, Tongan, Filipino, Uzbekistanian , Armenian or Martian. Sorry for the rant! Just one of my many pet-peeves. The next time someone tells me they are Asian, I might give up and say “Great, I’m half South American and half North American but full Western Hemispherian!- I have a neighbor who looks black but think he’s SouthWestern African because he has a Texas accent!

Now Health Care?

My Fellow Americans,

I have been trying desperately to avoid hearing the mainstream media’s  sell, or favor for Chairman Obama’s latest government take-over, our Health Care system.

It is bad enough , since he has taken office, we have seen a classic Statist at work. First , the Banks on Wall Street, AIG and the insurance industry, the Auto Industry (except Ford), and now his latest attempt at what the leftist in his party call “Health Care Reform”.

Did someone dig up and revive Lenin , Marx and Trotsky , change their appearance and re-name them Obama , Emanuel and Pelosi? I hope you all (Los Americanos) see the Big RED tide heading in our direction. It is called CHANGE , moreover Reform Change, Chairman Obama style. If you haven’t yet , then keep your eye on your paycheck, retirement ,and savings plans because somebody has to pay for it and it certainly won’t be your “elected” or should I say appointed (looking ahead) officials.

This president has double-talked and side-stepped every issue raised  about the downward direction of this country but yet we will never hear anything from  CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox , CBS (aka the Government Media Complex) for Chairman Obama has all of them on his “list”. God forbid we bring up the question about his true place of birth (*coughs Kenya)  much less Health Care. I hear the new Siberia is somewhere up in Alaska.

Here in the U.S. we have the greatest Health Care system in the world – bar none! and with that comes the most highly trained Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists etc, but yet we need  the US Government to reform it? Last time I checked, we have Canadians , Mexicans  and British flying over for  health care services that they could never receive (in this life time) in their perspective countries. Why? because Government run health care sucks!

In the US , we don’t have to wait fifteen years to see a doctor about a  sore throat. We don’t take numbers for a raffle where the winner would get visit a dentist for a toothache. When we need surgery for ourselves or loved ones, we don’t hear the underpaid, over worked  surgeon advise  us that we can live without that arm , leg, or heart? We have access to our own healthcare records online, we can whine about waiting fifteen minutes in the pharmacy only to have a choice between brand name or generic, and then whine more about paying the difference between the two. When hospitalized , we can be moved into a more private room to accomodate all of our relatives and their loud ass, unruly children. Where else can you get the undivided attention of a whole hospital team of qualified Doctors, Nurses , Residents , eager their teams of learning students?

The cost? well that would be their (leftists) banner- Affordable health care for everyone. Really? or more like subsidized or Free health care for immigrants that aren’t here “legally” and their 8 million children, being popped out like rabbits because they can get “more”  money for free. Free? not entirely. You see with all this “change” comes a price. This president has vowed to cut the National Deficit in half- only after he expands it ten-fold.  Genius!

There was a point in my life where I could not afford things, such as health care insurance, car insurance  or even lunch! But ,I get up everyday and ask God to provide me the strength to go out and work and  provide life’s necessities but I know I have to work hard and yes, actually pay for them. This new sense of entitlement without paying  is only the genesis of Sugar Daddy Government dependency, candy coated and doubled talked by Chairman Obama himself.

Nothing is FREE because somebody will always have to pay.

Work harder America! Millions of free-loaders are depending on you!



A vacation trip home (literally)













I’ve been off since this past Fourth of July weekend and it was weird because I didn’t really celebrate my (murmurs thirty-something) birthday even though the rest of the country was celebrating our country’s Independence Day. I usually put something together with family at the beach or park but this city’s do-gooders’ have elected to ban smoking and drinking at all beaches and parks since 2008- friggin losers!  


I took this week off for no apparent reason although my empty wallet and checking account had a lot to say about where I’m going and what I’ll be doing. The saying “Time is Money” does not equate in my financial calculator.


So, with the current circumstances dealt to me, I have opted for, what another broke ass before myself has deemed, a true “stay-cation”. The week started off on Sunday. Yes I know I should have been at church that morning- (and the previous 84 Sundays) yet my Mom will always call to remind me that I missed a good lauga, to’ona’i and that she is still pissed at my last excuse “Sorry Mom but I just can’t financially afford to attend Samoan churches anymore” (I was so out of excuses).


Sunday’s staycation consisted of planning the rest of my staycation week. I slept in, ate, and checked the internet because it needed to be- checked? My dad used to call this AMMMK’ing (Ae, Ma Moe, Ma K- you get the picture) Oh and I made sure my TV remote batteries were fresh. God forbid I have to get up and push that channel button on the TV itself. I wanted to or rather thought about putting together my blog on 1Sa. But after further contemplation, I realized I had all week to do this. Before I knew it, the Sun was setting in the pacific around 8:20pm and day two was officially over. – (Saturday was Day one but you never count Saturdays!)


Monday I shot up at the crack of dawn, took the two younger ones to school, came back home, and resumed my sleep because after all, it was only the crack of dawn. I got up again after my wife kicked and reminded me of my “Honey Do” list and the dreaded “You Better Not” list. The Do list was easy, I could do most of them before she got home from work. I think she was just “jealous” because her staycation is in August.  Her “You Better Not” list consisted of: Calling my unemployed (prolonged staycations) and staycationing friends over to drink, smoke and talk about important stuff; Messing up her house – etc… After all of these lists, ditching phone calls from friends and relatives that I didn’t want to speak to, I finally had time to relax and enjoy the Sunset. Day three was over.


Tuesday sucked. I had a dentist appointment that involved a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning that did not involve any anesthetic. Needless to say that ‘ish hurt!

Do you know how hard it is to fake not being in pain? It would have been a different story had the dentist and her assistant were ugly, but these two women were nice looking. I wondered how cool I looked to them with the tears in my eyes, legs almost kicking the dentist’s head and my knuckles turning white from gripping the chair. The rest of Tuesday was spent relaxing or better yet recuperating on the couch, watching Michael Jackson’s service- Be Easy Michael.


Wednesday (today), I did the same morning routine. But I had a visitor. One of my friends from the “You Better Not” list had stopped by- after my wife left for work (what a co-incidence, really.) to see what I was up to. We smoked cigarettes and shot the ‘ish outside. After the cigarettes, we delved into deep conversation about life, philosophy, world affairs, and news. Or was that hot women, sex, beer and cars? We talked about retiring in Samoa vs. retiring in the states. I agreed that living on an island after growing up in the city can get real boring real quick and besides, how could we get Mexican Food in Samoa?  That took up half the day and I had told his jobless ass to go home because I had to procrastinate washing my car and organizing my tool box. Before I knew it, it was sundown and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it is near impossible to wash a car in the dark!


Tonight we had pork-chops, rice, and canned veggies (yum) – washing everything down with iced-sun-tea. The couple vacationing on the Travel Channel was now dining in Paris, eating something French and drinking wine. I didn’t catch the start of the show, but I bet this Jerk spent thousands to eat snails and tour Europe. At least I got two more days to catch the first part – I got the time!

Hate Crimes: Is the Race War On? Someone let me know.

Tonight I thought about the shooting at the Holocaust Memorial on Wednesday. I thought about the guard who died doing his job and his family that won’t ever see him alive (not in this life) again. I could care less about the yeahhoo bigot who did this  but I really thought about his intentions. Was this ‘neck really a lone wolf or is he a part of a larger pack of Aryan supremecists in America?

Last week, in an Arkansas military recruiter’s office, a new muslim convert shot and killed the soldier because he belives our military is wrong in our fight against Islamic Terrorists. Was this nut job acting alone? Or is there some unkown Jihadist army hiding in the deep south (have they not crossed paths with the Aryan army yet?) training for that special day of martydom?

As I read and hear these reports it makes me wonder – not why, but when? The why can go on and friggin on. Just name a problem in this country and some hate group will use it to justify their stupid cause. The when is what I want to know. If this crap escalates to a full scale race war on the streets, I’ll need to know if Tom (white guy)up the street is gonna greet me with a neighoborly wave or site his M4 carbine on my brown ass! Will Ali at 7/11 say “Good morning Eeedezy, cigarettes?” or start chanting some craziness in Arabic before taking all of us infedels out- slurppees and all!

I’ve always wondered why California’s Prison system is the only segregated prison system in the country. Blacks go with blacks, Whites with the whites, Mexicans? Well ,theyr’e special. Norteno’s(Northern Mexicans North of Santa Barbara to the Bay Area) to the North and the Sureno’s( Southern Mexicans with ties to Southern California) to the south. Oh yeah, the Samoans go with the rest of the races- we are called and roll with -the “Others”. The Pac Islanders, Asians , Orientals and afa-kasis’ make up the others. Did the California Department of Corrections see something in the races years ago, that is evident and escalating today?

If there is an alarm to sound the race war , can you please make sure you ring it  very loud and clear? I’ll need time to load up on ammo , guns, food , water, and oh yes, cigarettes from 7/11. I’ll need to let Rodney  know that I’ll be needing my wratchet set  (that he borrowed months ago) and my lawn mower back- and warn him that when I see him again, I’ll  have to cap his black  as% on site! I guess I’ll call into work on that day, and let my white employers and co-workers   know that if I see any of them peckerwoods on the street I’ll shoot first and ask questions later. Well, before that I’ll have to ask them for my last check and if they had rolled my 401k over to my new employer- whomever that may be.

Over reacting? I’m not so sure anymore. I guess I’ll take it one day at a time and still have hope in the everyday people that are my good neighbors and friends. I gotta run for now, my Mexican homie wants me to come over and check out some 13″ rims for his low-low. *kala le pisto*.

Congratulations Graduates! Class of 2009

 Here in Amerika, we are celebrating the graduating class of 2009. Whether it be elementary, jr. high, middle school, high school , or college, congratulations to all.

Last night, I was honered to attend one of the many , High School graduates parties. It felt good to catch up on my fellow Samoans. The gleem in his parents eyes were a telling story of accomplishment, yet this is a first step towards life and all of its decisions.  I was honored to be invited to such a venue filled with good food, family and friends as we look back as to how grown our children have become.

I would like to take this first post to congratulate not only the graduates of 2009, but also to your parents for being, well parents. My prayers are with you and the goals of your children and my hope is to instill in them the attitude of all things are possible in Christ . Let him be the ruler of your goals and decisions in life , so that all things will come to fruition. Congratulations to all and have a great weekend. I would like to thank the Oso’imalo family in San Diego and from Alameda for inviting me to celebrate their son’s accomplishments. God be with you Saia and also to you young Samoans- You can be anything  you want to be!