A Christmas story from the ville

Penned by new-to-the-ville Proverb (also known as Prolific Verbiage <-- i LIKE that!), it's her first foray into 1Samoana blogging. This touching story of love, family and hope is so expertly crafted, it's easy to believe its author lived through the experience herself.

While not exactly a journal entry, this little gem of fiction is a gift to the ville that illustrates the true Spirit of Christmas.


A few Christmas’ ago, my 9yrs old son came running into my bedroom and jumped on my bed with such excitement, he was spitting as he spoke.

“HADOUKEN!” he exclaimed cupping his hands like he really had a mass of energy coming out of them. “Can you feel it mama?” Says my son as he kept his stance firm and really concentrating on releasing the pure energy to my body.

“Feel what Ryu?” I asked exhaustedly.

“I just HADOUKEN the cancer out your body mama.” He replied quite sincerely.

“Didn’t you feel anything?” He asked with his face almost in tears. “Mama?”

His face showed what his voice was hinting and I know in his heart, he truly thought he did something.

“Now that you’re asking…” Had to put on my actress of the year masque so that I don’t feel guilty about lying. “Mmhm it does tingle a bit here.” When I pointed to the side of my ribs I saw his face light up. “Oh yeah its moving.” His lips began to curve in excitement “Mmhm right here.” I pointed to my right breast and smiled, “It’s working Ryu.”

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The Mating Season: Sex Ed’ and Society

JayFoo is on the rant again, this time it’s all about sex: Sex and education. Sex and babies. Sex and responsibility. Sex and government handouts.

You just might wanna take notes.

We are currently paying x amount of dollars every year to support low income families who make decisions they can not afford, or do not think of the consequences for their actions. This includes unplanned pregnancy and unprotected sex, as well as a lot of other things.

This topic felt so taboo-ish because I know many young couples and families who I love dearly but feared this spleen of mine would offend them. But I thought of the whole situation differently – I wouldn’t want to pay for strangers lifestyle choices, and you shouldn’t either. Family should look after family…still even something so simple as that can get complicated.

There are individuals or families who should not rely on the government to fork out funds to ease the financial stress and hardship they encounter. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Getting diseases is clearly not ‘scary’ enough to prevent unprotected sex…

So should we pay to support others’ lifestyle choices? or why shouldn’t we help out the disadvantaged?

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The Silence of a Heart…

Samoan and Tongan communities around the world have been deeply affected by last week’s tragic Brisbane fire that took 11 lives, most of whom were children.

I cannot imagine how devastating it must be to actually be a member of this family, or a good friend… to experience, in one horrible night, the loss of so many people you know and love.

One Samoana native High Matai has an idea what that feels like. She shares her thoughts with us in her latest, moving blog entry:

The silence of a heart…..

Im an empty vessel right now..

Sitting in the cold, smoking a pall mall menthol, did I mention I stopped smoking? I know that there are probably millions of other things I could be doing instead of smoking, but I need to..Something about inhaling in the poison & breathing out not only the toxic air but the toxic residue in my heart.

Im broken.

Few people will understand how the last week’s unfolding events has been an overview of everything.

Everything?? The intensity of being a living, breathing being that has endured many trials, whose strength, entire strength has purely been because I have a loving, supportive family & my faith? My motto has been he has never failed me yet..I believe in the promise that there is a tunnel that exists & there is a light..My faith has never waivered. Oh thats right, it didn’t until Wednesday…


Mistaken Identity

Do people have us all figured out? From the blog NiuZila: Land of Full Fat Milk and Welfare Money, NiuZila recounts a number of occasions where his very Samoan-ness got him sadly mistaken for a whole other guy.

I remember a few years back, I went to pick up my sister from school. She was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to attend a private school, as we would never have been able to afford the fees. It was late in the afternoon and after sitting in the car waiting for nearly 30 minutes, I went to the nearest room that was open, to enquire if they knew the where abouts of my sister. I entered what looked like an art room, and after asking the teacher if he had seen “Sina” he responded saying the cleaners were down the corridor! ”Ah, no, she’s a student at your school…” Nothing wrong with cleaners, but is that the only profession Samoans are associated with?

Apparently, to this teacher, all Samoans must be cleaners.

One year, a group of my friends decided to get out of Aukilani / Auckland for a long weekend. We ended up in a nice cosy little town in the Coromandel. We had organised well and had bought all our food shopping to cook rather than buy food, we had put up our tents at the local campsite, we had planned a weekend schedule of site seeing. What we had forgotten was a pack of cards so we could spend the night in having a harmless night’s fun of playing “Suipi” or “Talamu”. We went into the local dairy and asked for a pack of cards. As the shop assistant completed our purchase she asked if we were planning a quiet night in. ”Yip, we are” we responded. She then said with a straight face “Good, it’ll keep you off the streets”. What the?

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Move over Sweet Valley …

I have a school girl crush on ghosTwRydah. It’s true. I can’t help but be smitten by the way words seem to fly off her prolific fingers in the shape of incredibly absorbing fiction. The kind that makes you wishfully-thinkingly see yourself in her characters. All I need to do now is rewind myself back to High School and meet a trio of hot-guy cousins who want me, and her latest tale could be my life story. *sigh* Thank goodness daydreaming is free…


Chi Moana was one of the most unusual Samoan girls at Menlo Atherton High School. She was intelligent, but humble; athletic but didn’t play sports for the school; pretty but not dolled up; friendly but not flirtatious; popular but not arrogant in her popularity.

All the boys knew about Chi and wanted to ask her out, but no one had the skills or the game to pursue her. Not until Senior year when there were not just one, or two, but three guys that actually worked their ways into Chi’s life and made an impression that would change all four of their lives.

Tasiaeafe Masaniai is the oldest of three cousins who’ve taken the popularity campaign far and beyond its natural status. Tasi is the quarterback extraordinaire of Menlo Atherton High School. Known primarily for his excellent skills of eluding the entire defense line, regardless of the team playing against them, Tasi was also an astute poet… that many knew nothing about… but Chi did, coz she wrote poetry with him.

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Where did Old Samoa go?

It’s a question that was recently on the mind of one of our newer village bloggers, Tanya. She visited Samoa last month for the first time in three years and was a little more than disappointed at a few of the changes she encountered:

It’s a shame what’s happened to Samoa…

Now don’t spit the dummy… before jumping right into a rant please hear me out.

The last time I was in my beloved Motherland was 3 years ago, everytime I would think of Samoa I would reminisce on my kaukalaikiki days when I would be wooed by the local shop helpers at my Uncles store, or sneaking out in the middle of the night to go dancing at the Evaeva bar in Salelologa… Oh those were the days! Such fond memories.

However I was quite disappointed when I returned last month for MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING in Apia, and I felt a sense of displacement. Is it me or have we been invaded by Chinese Capitalists and horny old German ex-pats mistaking our local tama’ita’i’s as Bangkok Ping Pong flavours?

I’m all for improving Samoa’s economy… Up with the People I say, but it seems that Samoa is suffering majorly from economic neglegence in respect to it’s people. Although the Asian Businessman is improving cashflow they seem to be snobbish about it bringing in their own employees directly from China and arrogantly snub our local unemployed. Since when were we the minority in our own country?

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Gone: A Tragic Loss

You have to read all four posts (so far) in this series to truly appreciate this story. Keige Lea begins by talking about the affects of recent tragedies in her life – on her sleep, her work, her thoughts about the future… We learn in part two that these events include the stroke her father suffered and his eventual passing. Sadly, as difficult as that is for her to deal with, she would soon be struck with yet another loss…

Part 1:

Life has dramaticaly changed and I still wonder what my future holds each and everyday I wake up. I still try to hide behind the smiles and laughter when really I can’t sleep at night without having a dream that relates to the experience I have had to go through in the past 4-5 months of my life. I still wake up crying from all the pain I have and although I know others too have suffered the pain but I just never ever expected it to happen to me not now not ever.

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From IN YOUR FACE, new wrestling blog by DeeLite

It’s that time again wrestling fans for (YUP) you guessed it WrestleMania XXVII (27). And incase you haven’t heard – The People’s Champ is back. YESSSS, you read correctly Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is back with WWE and he will be hosting Wrestle Mania XXVII 2011. After being away for 7 years he sure has a lot of catching up to do.

And when someone who’s been away for so long, returns home is usually greeted with a “Welcome Home” party, (right??… Which wasn’t the case) instead a technical twist occurred.

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You know who I saw in prison the other day. I saw one of my classmates from back home. I asked him what are you doing in here. And he was a bit confused or shocked. I don’t know if it was the fact that he saw me or the fact of what he had done. Anyways he just looked at me and said my name. I was like yeah that’s me. So I took him in one of the rooms and we had a little talk. He was telling me that he was in there for hitting his son. And he regrets doing it. I told him this is not Samoa my brother, this is Hawaii. And its against the law, its called child abuse. He smiled and said i know…

…from Teine o le Segaula