A week earlier before she left to Samoa to attend a title name court case bla bla bla we were constantly arguing over her making me change her return flight date over and over again. ”Mum I have to pay money everytime you want to make a change to your flight details!!” She always replied with ”I carried you in my stomach for 9 months” LOL and I replied with ”Well I did not ask you to did I?” LOL But now I was sitting there helpless tears streaming down my face and how I wished I had just gone with her as planned. When I viewed the map of the areas affected, my mum’s village (MUTIATELE,ALEIPATA) was right in the affected area. I wish I had not viewed the map. Still crying I started dialing my uncles cellphone number in Samoa. The longer it rung the harder I cried. Finaly my uncle answered. I asked (trying my best to be strong and sound not worried) if they were all alright. He paused, then said they all were alright. ”Is my mum alright?” I asked this time holding my breath in and letting all my tears flow down no matter if all my eyeliner dripped as well. He paused again and I closed my eyes…

…from Memoirs of Seki


When you have a teenage girl trembling and hiding in your closet while their mother, father and sister are all standing at the door yelling out her name each time the tone in their voices becoming more and more aggressive, what do you do? It then gets to the point where they all basically step into your house uninvited yelling at the top of their lungs and threatening to call the police when in fact the only ones breaking any type of law would be them, what do you do? You know for sure that once they get their hands on her she will get a beating, what do you do?

As I was growing up I always imagined what I would do, the steps I would take if I ever was in a similar situation I even rehearsed lines to say, but I totally froze.

…from Memoirs of Seki

The day is finally here! Our wedding DAY!

THOUGHTS AT THIS TIME: WTF am I doing? OMG WTF am I doing? I cant believe Im doing this, OMG ok ok, smile, smile hardout, dont cry… look forward, smile smile look forward…….

All the girls are thru, Everyone stands (does it have to be so quiet? DRAMATIC!) Me n my Dad enter… even when walking down, Dad whispers his words of encouragement…. to keep my foot in sync with his…

The service was good, with a few touching moments, like Dads speech which brought everyone to tears, especially when he said (in Samoan) “If ever you stop loving my daughter, return her to me, bring her to my arms, and then you go on your way”

…from CherryK

Leaving the nest

I love my mother so much but we clash a lot. I told her of my plans to leave home. She didn’t take it so well but she knew why I wanted to. We negotiated how this should work but never came to an agreement. 2 days later, I had my stuff packed and ready to go. It was hard but more so awkward. Doing something that I never thought I would have the will to do but I know deep down it was for the best. My mother tried to reason with me but I fought through my tears and whispered ‘bye mum, I love you’. Without even saying anything to my father or my beautiful baby brother I walked out…

…from JayFoo

The week leading up to the wedding….. and the hidings in between…lol

On the home front, my dad was the one with the murderous thoughts, how about I was trying my best not to get a hiding from my dad in the 2 weeks leading up to the wedding…. Yep dad was stressing over money.. You know how you try explain things to your dad, that it’ll be ok, and your dad hugs you and says “I know my daughter, because I have faith in you” you know that scene? well…. it never happened with me lol it was more like

“Dad dont worry, the money will be enough since everything is paid for already” and my loveable Daddy says “Kapugi lou guku e! aua le fiapoko, ke maga’o ouke alaku iiga sasa pala ai lou ulu?…

…CherryK is back! in Aging on the Inside

Surfing for Samoans and Rugby Rumble

We watched a few wedding dance ensembles, funniest Japanese pranks, and general searches for Samoans, to see what our fellow brethren are up to around the world.

There are a couple of Samoan video clips I did want to mention. The first was “Samoan ‘touch My Body’”, an amatuer remake of Mariah Carey’s song ‘Touch My Body’. It was a good laugh, but judging by some of the comments, people thought otherwise. At least she’s a YouTube (super?)star… saved on the world wide web for eternity…

…from NiuZila

The Graduate

The sound of “Pomp and Circumstance” brought me out of my selfish fixation. Everyone stood up, cheered, shouted their Graduate’s name, essentially, it was loud and proud. Of course, I found something more to be annoyed about, that is, until, I saw her unmistakable contour.

And then I saw her face. “Mom, Dad, there she is!” Through the procession she walked with her fellow-grads, tall and proud she was, and then she spotted us: walking and jumping, smiling from ear-to-ear, and waving at us. When she saw our father, who remained seated, his face awash with tears of pride and joy, she tried hard to choke back her tears, but the waterworks were flowing…

…from John @ Tala’aga…