Matai – The Path to Becoming a Samoan Chief [Part 1]

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How do you become a Samoan Matai?

The good news is, if you’re even a little bit Samoan I’m 99.9% sure you’re the suli (heir) to at least one matai title.

Once a title becomes available, any suli can petition for it.

He or she just has to have some support (it doesn’t hurt to have other matai or well respected elders arguing for you) and also, ideally, a track record of service to the family.

O le ala i le pule, o le tautua a well-known Samoan proverb that means, “The path to leadership is service”.

You might find that your bid to become a matai is much better supported if your family can see how much you love and labour (and contribute financially to fa’alavelave *cough*) for them.

Thanks for nothing Dad

All my life I wondered what my father was like, where he was, why he never came to see us and even if he cared. People were always telling me that I looked like my father, and every now and then I would meet people who knew him who would say “you look just like your father!”. I would get people asking me why I was so white, and not believing that I was Samoan. I got used it as I grew older. I knew that my father was half Niuean and half French and thats where I got my fairness from.

I started asking questions about him. I thakful that I have a mother who tells me the truth.

…from Teine Afakasi

My Long Distance Relationship Part II

So many people have asked about how me and my other half are. “How are you and Kuanti since the last time you wrote about your long distance relationship?” “Are you two still together?” “Do you two still talk?” “How do you do it?” Doing fine thank you, yes, yes and I’ll tell you how. … Continue reading My Long Distance Relationship Part II

Tulauega toe foi mai

It’s story time Samoan style! In this fagogo, Tulauega loves his beautiful wife Sina, but his brother Tulifau has eyes for her, too. Find out what happens when Tulifau manages to drag Tulauega away from Sina on an ill-fated fishing trip.

…O’o loa i se tasi aso, ua usu po lava Tulifau e faaoso se la faiva e alu masi ona uso. E alu atu la Tulifau faatoa ala mai Tulauega ae o la e fai lava le moe a Sina. Na le fia alu Tulauega ae o le faatauanau atu a lona uso o lea ua malie ai o le a la o. Na ala mai Sina ua tauautilo poo fea o iai Tulauega. Na maua mai e Sina Tulauega o loo i fafo o le a sauni e alu.

“Tulauega o fea a e usu po iai?”

…by Teine o le Segaula

The Samoan Visiting Gift Etiquette Pt. 1

Visiting family is always a great thing – catching up on the stories, updates on family members, sharing food and sometimes sharing tears, all in the name of ‘being together’ is no doubt one of life’s simple pleasures (if you are close to your family lol)

And then there leaves the question of etiquette. Sure, most families would have some type of give and take, the token of love can be in a simple plate of food, a nice chocolate cake and even just a bucket of KFC! But what is the procedure and requirements when you visit a family in Samoa? What amount of gifts or monetary ‘mea alofa’ is required?

…from Screaming Tree

oh myspace the humor

Anyways. I get this message in my myspace in box claiming that I’ve lost my position in the ex’s life and that I need not worry because he’s well taken care of. Mind you as I’m reading this email, I’ve fallen off of my chair going thru hysterics, laughing my ass off. For the first in awhile, the simple knowledge of this man in some other females life didn’t hurt me a bit, it use to.. well yea, because of the whole “we’re married” part, but now? It even surprised me. I was on the verge of taking my bra off and running around screaming freedom, might be TMI and I’m straying off the subject.

In response to this broads letter, I emailed back asking how she knew I had been the ex, trust being on myspace I was actually trying to be incognito and I received this response:

…from Ninja Say What

Back in Kiwiland…..

I miss Griff aka KILIFI aka spunky aka THE “who to go to guy” aka “the one that knows all my choozy segrets, and all the amio valearingz I did over there” *winks @ griff* I miss you bro! but I know u algud there, cos u got the bestest job & salary & you create ur own fun…. (but seriously bro, if u write about my amio valearings on here, just pretend its someone else…. like… Heinz or Famz… hahahahahaha)

I miss Georgies Pizza, which they create for more than a couple of people to 1 pizza, but me n the hubby peel it back on our own like we just finished a 400 hour famine….

I miss keke pua’a… HARD! I miss Sunrise…. oh mayn… their spicy chicken ROCKS!!!!

I miss the funny stuff people do, like how they reply in english, when you just asked them something in Samoan… yep… too funny mayn.. Or when they hump ur leg when you oga pipilo off your face @ crabbers…. I heard… thats what happened… *ahem*

I miss my famz… Granny!… many kuluku aunts n uncles as well… yes, even tho’ u guys are sad like that… Ima still luv you guys…. cos I kinda have to… cos you guys keep ringin’ n writin’… cos I cant get away from you guys…. cos I can’t afford to move further away…. LOL… nahhh, i luv u guys…

…BACK in Kiwiland, Mrs CherryK