Samoan Independence Day – Memories and Contemplation

Today marks the 51st year since (Western) Samoa gained independence. (Well, it actually happened on the first of January, 1962, but we celebrate it in June). For a relatively young island nation, Samoa has a rich and spirited history, and every year on this day we remember with gratitude the long and painful protests our … Continue reading Samoan Independence Day – Memories and Contemplation

Satapuala versus the Samoan Government

Have you been following the drama between Samoa’s government (namely PM Tuilaepa) and the village of Satapuala? The short story: Satapuala is a well-known village that, half a century ago, relocated to accommodate Faleolo Airport in Upolu. Over the decades since, leaders in the village have lead a campaign to re-claim hundreds of acres of … Continue reading Satapuala versus the Samoan Government

Right Treaty, wrong Maori party

Whoa… whoa… second post in two months!  Watch out this might become a habit and I might actually be back to regular postings… haha… “might”! Any way, today’s post is another political one.  One of the platforms the current Government campaigned on in last year’s general election, was the partial sale of state assets, more … Continue reading Right Treaty, wrong Maori party

The Mating Season: Sex Ed’ and Society

JayFoo is on the rant again, this time it’s all about sex: Sex and education. Sex and babies. Sex and responsibility. Sex and government handouts.

You just might wanna take notes.

We are currently paying x amount of dollars every year to support low income families who make decisions they can not afford, or do not think of the consequences for their actions. This includes unplanned pregnancy and unprotected sex, as well as a lot of other things.

This topic felt so taboo-ish because I know many young couples and families who I love dearly but feared this spleen of mine would offend them. But I thought of the whole situation differently – I wouldn’t want to pay for strangers lifestyle choices, and you shouldn’t either. Family should look after family…still even something so simple as that can get complicated.

There are individuals or families who should not rely on the government to fork out funds to ease the financial stress and hardship they encounter. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Getting diseases is clearly not ‘scary’ enough to prevent unprotected sex…

So should we pay to support others’ lifestyle choices? or why shouldn’t we help out the disadvantaged?

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President Obama’s next $timulu$ flop.

” Hope and Change” was  the campaign slogan Mr. Obama used during his 2008 tour of the US and eventually got him into the White House. Forward three years later and the country’s economy has changed for the worst- and hopefully next November, we will see a “change” in the White House. On Wednesday Mr. … Continue reading President Obama’s next $timulu$ flop.

War: A consequence of economic imbalance

The thing I love about NiuZila is his ability to get me really thinking. Check this out:

This financial crisis the world is in right now, how did it start? In a very abbreviated nutshell, huge corporations in the finance industry crumbled due to corruption plus their business model just didn’t work. Instead of penalizing them, the government threw billions of tax-payer dollars at them, trying to bail them out, only making the economy worse.

It’s just one illustration of how the rich get to play by an entirely different set of rules from us everyday people, and the consequences? Recession, unemployment, more debt, more legislation and more sacrifice for us. Nothing much at all for them.

Shared Sacrifice

The recent riots in Peretania / Britian are what many left wing commentators had warned would happen. It’s not the battle, but a precursor to the class wars that the West is yet to experience. It’s a battle between the haves and the have nots; those that have played the system and made a killing, and those that get played by the system and struggle to barely exist; those that made off with billions and caused the current economic crisis, and those that have to live with the effects of the crisis for years to come; the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.

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