Been to the Ville lately? Some excellent Native blogging going on there.



We’re looking a little different these days in the village part of One Samoana… AND, we’re blogging up a storm!

When you’ve got a moment, grab a cuppa something nice, get comfortable and come catch up on some excellent Native blogs.


From American Samoa-based educator, Dacia:

From 21-year-old university student Faasalafa le Alofa Diana Kitiona:

From outspoken Auckland single-mum (with a feisty pre-teen daughter) Kez:

From Northern California, our favourite resident Wrydah:

And we love it when renowned Telesa author (and prolific blogger) Lani Wendt Young graces us with her deep and often humorous thoughts:


These are only a few of the very talented Samoan writers blogging at One Samoana.

If you ever find yourself in a constructive-venting sort of mood, go on and add your voice to our blog chorus. You know you want to… 🙂

See you in the Ville!

xx HGG

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Known offline as Lillian (Lils, Lei'a) Arp, Hamo Geek Girl is just learning what it means to be Samoan. When she's not here, she's over at Manaui: Savour Oceania mostly talking about her other favourite topic: Food!

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