Job losses – “Gee…thanks John Key”

Okay – so as we head into another round of General elections for New Zealand, New Zealanders are already losing their jobs. Many of them have struggled these past few years to try and make ends meet. However with the global economy still inching its way to some sort of stability and the millions now being allocated to bring Christchurch back to some normality in time for the Rugby World Cup – low income earning New Zealanders were given another blow when the 90 Day trial period came into law on the 1st April 2011.

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Lateral thinking: Samoa’s Next Top Head of State

Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese Efi along with his wife, le masiofo Filifilia – have served this country well. His oratory prowess and command have not only motivated and spurred on the future leaders of Samoa, the Pacific and the world – but have also created vital links to our country’s past.

However, his recent ailments have brought to the fore – doubts on whether Tuiatua Tupua can continue another five years in Head of State service.

ROLL IN: Misa Telefoni Retzlaff. Yes (here’s the lateral thinking). The current Deputy Prime Minister of Samoa, Misa Telefoni Retzlaff has been in the news lately regarding his ‘departure’ from his constituent of Falelatai by not putting his name forward for the next general elections. The speculation out there is that this move is financially motivated…

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‘People’s Mayor’ – Len Brown in fight of his life

I personally like Len Brown. Even with the heart problems of yester-year, Brown has a strength un-matched by any of his supercity opponents, Walker included. There is something about him and the way he is around the public that clearly places him paces ahead of the rest. He’s a ‘politician that can laugh’ and do it because he genuinely wants to laugh and not because everyone else is. He can lead without having to comb his hair, change his shoes and don a shirt/tie and suit.

I hate ‘leaders’ who feel that in order to be a leader he/she will have to run in the house and slap on an executive immaculate wardrobe. Who says a tie signifies a ‘leader’?

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‘How Bizzare’ musician Pauly Fuemana dies

News has spread across the Pacific of the death of Otara Millionaires Club (OMC) frontman, Pauly Fuemana, 40 yrs old, a little after 7am Sunday 31 January 2010 (NZ time), after a short illness.

Fuemana’s song How Bizzare was released in 1995 and was one of New Zealand’s biggest international hits and was named Single of the Year at the following New Zealand Music Awards.


Airplane seat

Personally, I feel that airlines have for a very long time, crammed the ‘sardine’ economy class with seats that of course a fat person would spill over into another passengers space. Give us a break man…It is bad enough that we have to ask for bright red seat-belt extensions and for it to be paraded down the aisle for all to see. (Have you not followed with your eyes, a flight attendant walking a seat-belt extension down the cabin aisle, just to see who the extension is given to???…only for the extension not to fit…lol)

Another thing, have you ever noticed who jams the cabin aisles immediately after the plane has made a complete stop at the gate? That’s right….SMALL PEOPLE! Fat people, have only just woken up. There ain’t no space for them to stand anyhow…so they have to wait until the small scrawny sardines and their luggage, vacate the aisles so that they have enough space to put their right leg.

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AEROSMITH ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW SINGER. All I gotta say is…Steve Tyler is the Aerosmith voice…there is no one else in the world that sounds like him and at 61 years old…still performing the way that he is (apart from that fall from the stage during the bands tour that ended their tour last year – or was it the beginning of this year?) Tyler is amazing to be still going hard at it.


Samoa declares a National Day of Mourning

Today, Thursday 8 October 2009 (Friday NZ/Aust time) Samoa declares as a National Day of Mourning for those who lost their lives in the devastating tsunami which followed an 8.3 magnitude earthquake which struck on Tuesday 29th September 2009.
A public memorial service will take place at Apia Park where 10 caskets will solemnly be ushered in by a national Samoan police guard and will lie in state for the duration of the service which will kick off at 5pm (NZ time) today. The service is scheduled to run for two hours, after which the caskets will be taken to the mass burial site.


Say what you ‘mean’ to say – TAITO Phillip Fields is….

So with that said…no more questions…no more he said, she said, the media said etc.. Here’s my honest to goodness opinion on the matter:

FOR THE MOST PART…I think Taito Phillip Fields is INNOCENT. The bribery and corruption charges are pathetic to say the least. I personally think that the Thai nationals words were coaxed out of them, coerced and miscontrued by the council that chose to take this matter further.[FULL STORY]