A week earlier before she left to Samoa to attend a title name court case bla bla bla we were constantly arguing over her making me change her return flight date over and over again. ”Mum I have to pay money everytime you want to make a change to your flight details!!” She always replied with ”I carried you in my stomach for 9 months” LOL and I replied with ”Well I did not ask you to did I?” LOL But now I was sitting there helpless tears streaming down my face and how I wished I had just gone with her as planned. When I viewed the map of the areas affected, my mum’s village (MUTIATELE,ALEIPATA) was right in the affected area. I wish I had not viewed the map. Still crying I started dialing my uncles cellphone number in Samoa. The longer it rung the harder I cried. Finaly my uncle answered. I asked (trying my best to be strong and sound not worried) if they were all alright. He paused, then said they all were alright. ”Is my mum alright?” I asked this time holding my breath in and letting all my tears flow down no matter if all my eyeliner dripped as well. He paused again and I closed my eyes…

…from Memoirs of Seki


Our family lives directly across from a bus stop a heavily graffitied bus stop it stands there day and night rain or shine with a half munched timetable and a bus stop sign that has been smeared with mud and God knows what else. We all know that a bus stop is used to shelter those who catch the bus to wherever they are going. Not this bus stop how about every weekend we have a group of under age drinkers (the same group every weekend) drinking there they sit in there singing laughing a conversating and krumping to the 1 song from JSQUAD on 1 of their cellphones that is put on repeat from late Friday night until early saturday morning. What about the group of school kids waiting for the bus decided that the footpath,road and some poor persons front lawn was not enough room for their fight so they take it to the roof of the bus stop by the time cars had stopped to sort these teens out the biggest guy out of them all (who was probably samoan, judging from the samoan expletives that was coming out of his mouth…..

…from Memoirs of Seki


When you have a teenage girl trembling and hiding in your closet while their mother, father and sister are all standing at the door yelling out her name each time the tone in their voices becoming more and more aggressive, what do you do? It then gets to the point where they all basically step into your house uninvited yelling at the top of their lungs and threatening to call the police when in fact the only ones breaking any type of law would be them, what do you do? You know for sure that once they get their hands on her she will get a beating, what do you do?

As I was growing up I always imagined what I would do, the steps I would take if I ever was in a similar situation I even rehearsed lines to say, but I totally froze.

…from Memoirs of Seki