One Samoana’s first ever YouTube upload – Party in Mangere

One Samoana’s first ever YouTube upload – Party in Mangere

So the uploading side of YouTube is completely new to me, but I was at Showtime Mangere 2014 last week with my secret phone camera and I captured this gem that I just had to share! The Taimua Malaeola Youth

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Samoan Etiquette – You sit down, too!

SE101_Sit Down

In our culture it’s really rude to have conversations with your elders if you’re standing while they’re seated. If you dare to be so inappropriate like that in a very traditional Samoan household, look out for flying saucers (followed by

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Samoan Proverb – Sorted like a fishing net in the morning


As the heart of the Pacific ocean, it makes sense that so many of Samoa’s alagaupu & muagagana (proverbs & idioms) use the imagery of fishing. Like this one: O le upega e fili i le po, ‘ae tatala i

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Tulou – the magic word in Samoan etiquette


Our Samoan etiquette series is for people who are new to our culture or just want to brush up on the kind of behavior expected from ‘good’ Samoans. It’s especially helpful if you want to make a good impression on

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Alagaupu ma Muagagana – Samoan Proverbs and Expressions


My grandfather was a diligent note-keeper. He was a faiava, which means he lived with my grandmother in her village (rather than his own), and he kept several notebooks worth of hand-written records on her family’s history and titles. This

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