Stories from a German Samoa


German Samoa (1900-1914) was also Chinese Samoa. Apparently, German landowners couldn’t find many local Samoans willing to work for them, so they immigrated almost 4000 Chinese laborers on temporary (usually 3-year) contracts. This time in our history – plus the

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Samoan Proverb about a Humble Snake


Another one of my most favourite Samoan jams is Afai Ua e Musu (I love the version by the Five Stars). It’s basically a guy telling a girl, “If you don’t want me, just tell me. I’m cool. I can

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One Samoana’s first ever YouTube upload – Party in Mangere

One Samoana’s first ever YouTube upload – Party in Mangere

So the uploading side of YouTube is completely new to me, but I was at Showtime Mangere 2014 last week with my secret phone camera and I captured this gem that I just had to share! The Taimua Malaeola Youth

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Samoan Etiquette – You sit down, too!

SE101_Sit Down

In our culture it’s really rude to have conversations with your elders if you’re standing while they’re seated. If you dare to be so inappropriate like that in a very traditional Samoan household, look out for flying saucers (followed by

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Samoan Proverb – Sorted like a fishing net in the morning


As the heart of the Pacific ocean, it makes sense that so many of Samoa’s alagaupu & muagagana (proverbs & idioms) use the imagery of fishing. Like this one: O le upega e fili i le po, ‘ae tatala i

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